City of Kitchener Removes Union Paper From Farmers Market Vendors Stall Due to Political Content

6 Feb

Today we went to the farmers market to distribute Information Update, which is a newspaper created by the Steelworkers Local 1005 that discusses the problems they are facing in their struggle for defence of their pension as well as attempts of US Steel to destroy the Steel Industry. Hundreds of thousands of people are affected by these attacks on the manufacturing sector, including over 20 000 pensioners.

As there is alot of support for this cause several vendors took multiple copies of this issue to leave on their stalls for people to take. About an hour after this a city employee came and returned all copies from the vendors stating that since this is a partisan issue it can’t be distributed at the market. When it was pointed out that this was a newspaper that stated the facts that affect this community and was non-partisan, this response was ignored and when questioned why The Record, which is owned by TorStar which is Liberal affiliated is allowed to be distributed there, we were told that it’s a newspaper. We then pointed out that so was this to which we were told that it was political, we pointed out that vendors should have the right to put whatever they want in their stalls we were told that this was not the case as political material can’t be handed on city property.

After the City worker went inside we followed and noted that vendors were handing out in total ten different papers that were clearly political some papers being totally partisan mouth pieces for the Conservative Party, showing the hypocrisy of these city workers.

This makes it quite clear that the issue is not whether the paper or not was partisan or political, but rather that the politics of the paper represented the interests of the workers and pensioners not in the interest of the bourgeoise and their political party’s. Further more this demonstrates that the city feels it has the right to stop people from discussing and distributing material about issues that affect people criminalizing people’s right to be political. City property is public property and to censor Peoples rights to organize in their own interests is an attack on people’s basic rights to organize and solve the problems that they face, as well as the right to conscience. This can not go unchallenged and as such we will continue to distribute political material of a public nature on public space and in the future we will challenge this criminalization of vendors rights to distribute material at their stalls.

Despite these attacks today we handed out 630 papers in less than two hours with most people being quite sympathetic to the cause of defending the dignity of labour.


One Response to “City of Kitchener Removes Union Paper From Farmers Market Vendors Stall Due to Political Content”

  1. doug February 7, 2016 at 3:24 pm #

    That sure as hell is no newspaper,but a rag from the unions that they use to push their bullshit and whine about how tough their lazy ass workers have it. It is good to use for ass wipe though.

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