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This Easter Weekend 1916 was commemorated in Toronto Kitchener and Vancouver

31 Mar

This Easter we had three commemorations in Toronto Vancouver and Kitchener to remember the sacrifices of 1916 and to move forward supporting those that are still fighting for a 32 County Irish Republic.

In Toronto the event started with an opening from our Indigenous comrades acknowledging the land and the need to resist colonialism everywhere, this was followed by the reading of the proclamation. A message from the 32CSM that was read and this was followed by a message from Anti Colonial Working Group. The event ended with a message from the Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front and a call for unified internationalism against the Anglo American empire.

In Toronto Police were present and they taped the whole event from their van driving by as we left so we could see them photographing us.

In Kitchener our event was declared illegal by a bunch of reactionary forces in suits who were clearly some sort of intelligence. We were asked to disburse which we did then we reconviend at another location starting another event which was separate from the one that was disbursed. The event started with the reading of the Proclamation, the message from the 32CSM and a speech from Anti Colonial Working Group which will be published tomorrow or the next day.

In Vancouver The Red Sparks Union held an event which included the reading of a poem by James Connolly, and a discussion on the present state of Republicanism in Ireland from a 32 perspective as well as the case of the Craigavon Two.

The police response in Ontario to these events shows the states need to crush the discussion on what is going on in Ireland. As our movement grows and strengthens so will state attacks and attempts of intimidation. This should not deter us but rather should strengthen our resolve. In these times we must remember the words of Mao to be hated by the enemy is a good thing not a bad thing. Its quite clear that given the state response we are definitely doing something right

In Thornton case, Justice Milanetti gave OIPRD lawyer shit for not even filing paperwork. Chief of police prevents independent body from conducting investigation

28 Mar

Seems that the OIPRD and their council are so use to just getting what they want, they no longer seem to feel that they must follow rule of law. Yesterday in Hamilton court, Thornton self represented in a motion to re-open an application to the divisional court, asking to have a judicial review of an unsubstantiated police complaint. This is one of many procedures launched by Thornton, who has been seeking justice since Waterloo Regional Police constables beat him in the lobby of Family and Children’s Services, entered false evidence in mental health court, and later lied on the stand during a small claims proceeding. Council for OIPRD indicated they would be asking for Thornton’s motion for an extension of the divisional court application be dismissed. They were so sure that they would get what they want that they didn’t even file a response to Greg’s motion. Justice Milanetti provide Thornton with the name of Neil Jones from Mackesy Smye Lawyers, in order to seek legal advice, in addition to granting him an extension.

This cockyness and old boys club mentality of OIPRD council is quite clearly an indication of the corruption within Kitchener Court, where most of the hearings relating to Thornton have taken place. To imagine that you will get what you want in court without even filing the paperwork indicates the high level of corruption in the system where a verdict is already prepared and all one must do is show up and allow the boys club to decide.

In Hamilton Court, Justice Milanetti was not impressed with this and made that quite clear to the council for the oiprd. She made it quite clear not only was she not going to give her what she wanted but gave her severe tongue lashing for not following court procedures or rule of law.

To make matters more convoluted it seems that the OIPRD may have a somewhat legitimate claim to explain why they so royally failed on this, which is that Waterloo Regional Police Services completed the investigation submitted to the OIPRD, which is supposed to be an independent body. In documents received by Mr. Thornton, it is shown that Waterloo Regional Police has prevented the OIPRD from investigating Thornton’s submissions, claiming no request for review was entered. Investigations and reports were handled by Waterloo Regional Police with the OIPRD having no oversight. Still this does not let the OIPRD off the hook Thornton’s recent complaint submissions were answered by WRPS using OIPRD letterhead. I shit you not WRPS was answering the OIPRDs letters with their letterhead.This demonstrates the collusion of the OIPRD with police services to assist the police in anyway they can to cover up and hide the truth, that cops beat someone up, arrested him and put him in jail where he sat in his own shit for two days, then lied to cover it up.

This makes one wonder what role did the police play in stopping Thornton laying civilian charges against the police who beat him and lied. What role did they play in his civil suit and his appeal to stop the truth from coming out? Is it too much to speculate that the reason justice is blocked at every turn in this case is because of police interFEAREence? In any case the fact that WRPS can block complaints from being heard by a so called independent body and then use this body’s letterhead to screen out complaints to that body is scary shit and bad news for everybody

32CSM statement read yesterday at Toronto Easter Commemoration

27 Mar

Easter message from the 32 County Sovereignty Movement 2016

On this the Centenary of the 1916 Easter Rebellion the sovereignty of the Irish people remains violated through British Parliamentary activity in the occupied Six Counties. The clarity of the Proclamation in defining Irish sovereignty as inalienable and indefeasible has guaranteed that documents separatist credentials and no amount of Home Rule sophistry can alter this fact.

The desperate efforts of revisionists and establishment nationalists to reconcile Partition with the Proclamation are a measure of their own failure to do so. No avenue was left unexplored as they sought to dilute, distort and physically demolish the core tenets of the Easter Week Rebellion.

Partition is an imperialist relic. It created two sectarian statelets on either side of it, both of which continue to fail to serve the people of Ireland. As the question of sovereignty is to the fore within British politics, with Scottish Independence and a British exit from the EU looming large, we ask the English people why should the interests of the people of Ireland be vested in your Parliament and not in a sovereign Parliament of our own?

The 1916 Rising was an armed expression of Irish sovereignty so expressed because a foreign power usurped that sovereignty. That state of affairs continues to this day making further such expressions inevitable. For republicans this inevitability cannot be taken for granted by presuming the mere act is sufficient justification in itself. A national struggle requires a national mindset and a national dimension with the primacy of revolutionary politics affirmed.
It is to this revolutionary task that republicans must now focus on. To attain a national mindset republicans must first act maturely as was witnessed in the successful Citizens Occupation of the Moore Street Battle Site. There is no parochial or isolationist route to freedom. Irish Unity requires Republican Unity to achieve it. We are ready to play our part fully!

From Belfast to Palestine Occupation is a crime!!! Report on event with Badee Dwaik.

23 Mar

This past Monday Anti Colonial Working Group hosted Palestinian human rights activist Badee Dwaik from Hebron at Egg Roll King. This venue was chosen because other venues were not comfortable with taking a stand against Israeli Apartheid and were afraid of being labelled as anti semetic, a slur thrown around by Israel to silence opposition.

The event began with an introduction and welcoming remarks from the 32CSM in Ireland, applauding the Palestinians for their resistance and their struggle for sovereignty. The 32CSM msg continued to talk about mutual struggles against G4S and the Oslo model which has also been imposed in Ireland through the GFA which in both cases negates the key issue which is that of sovereignty which for both the Palestinians and Irish is negated by these agreements where sovereignty is replaced by administrating Israeli and British rule.

Dwaik then began to speak about the situation in Hebron, Administrative detention and Oslo. He spoke about how with Oslo the Israelis want to push this view that the Palestinian question is solved, that their is now a roadmap for peace and all those who oppose this are warmongers, when the reality on the ground is quite different. He continued to talked about the violence that the Palestinian community faces at the hands of the occupation and that Oslo just normalizes this violence through normalizing the occupation and that the role of the so called Palestinian state in the west bank is not to create a space for the Palestinian people to determine their own destiny but rather to administer Israeli rule.

His presentation was followed by a discussion on what we can do to support and three points were raised. The first point was to endorse the April 17th international day for political prisoners, the second was to continue to resist G4S and the third was to support refugee familys here from Syria under attack from CAS and other groups.

The event ended with the presentation of the 32CSM flag to our Palestinian comrade and pledging of mutual aid and solidarity.

Interview with Badee Dwaik coordinator Human Rights Defenders Palestine

21 Mar

1. Please Give us a brief history of who you are and your political history

I’m have a degree in Social Work from Al Quds Open University. As an activist, I deeply committed to the principles of popular resistance .I been involved in many training, workshops seminars and conference around of the world for peace ,justice and free of Palestine .I was one of main organizer of Bab Alshamss(Sun of Gate) which done on January of 2013 and wrote a poem about it and many actions.While nonviolence was previously more associated with the internationals, Human Rights Defenders Group has succeeded in recruiting Palestinians to nonviolent resistance, including members of the main parties.One of our project is Free Shireen Issawi campaign.I set behalf of my group and cooperating with some organization a Global political prisoners day since we are believed in the global resistance . I’m one of the freedom riders bus action to Jerusalem which happened on 15th of November 2011 when six Palestinian ride settlers bus. At the age of 20, I spent three years in jail because of resistance against the occupation . This time, especially the interrogations, only worsened his view of Israelis. However, my time in jail was also a time of study and reading about many different things: “After my release from jail, I began to think differently about the real enemy for me and my people. . That encouraged me to try to connect with Jewish people who had solidarity with our issue. I came to believe that if we want to get our rights as Palestinians, we have to get it by nonviolent popular resistance.” as one of the most important ways.We do serval things in our group such political tour and home sty to educate people more about the situation and Israeli occupation and to try involve more people for the resistance we do so they ca support us and we do speak tour in abroad when we get the chance be invited to tell the stories .One of our main work is documentary by capturing Israel occupation by the camera and upload on Human Rights Defenders in Palestine youtube channel .We do social media stuff through our Facebook and twitter and others media

2. Tell us what the situation is in Palestine , particularly Hebron
The situation in Palestine right now worse than before and specially in Alkhalil(Hebron).207 was shot and killed by the IOF(Israeli occupation forces) and settlers and about 60 of them were killed from Alkhalil and many of them are kids murders was shot for no reason. and some places already and announced military zone area and they forced the Palestinian who lives in the illegal settlements area to registered them in list and not allow for any one else the residence through the military checkpoint and people getting live in small seperate jails in the same are coz Israeli transferred Hebron to be a museum of the apartheid by applying servel polices sush of ethnically cleaning,ghost town and silence transfer policy and heart of the city almost become I zionist jewish area and Shuhada street which took over and not allow for Palestinian exist life there and other places contacted

4. In the past decades it seems that the Oslo model is being used as an outline of implementing peace in occupied country’s tell us your analysis of this model

Oslo agreement was one big mistake in Palestinian resistance history because Israelis transfer Palestinian from indirect cheap occupation to indirect occupation after a hug propoganda promote it and make people think over the world that Palestinian issue is solved wich this make our resistance more hard and the settlements wich build after oslo more than before,about 7000 political prisoners in Israeli jail right now ,some 450 of them is administrative detention without any charge osla didn’t get back or land or recourse of freedom and our air and every thing still controlled nad occupied by them.

5. What can people do here to support human rights in Palestine

We need network as much we can with many several contacts over the world to support our activities such of the global political day and the Palestinian prisoners day on 17th of April and the global day for shuhada street .we need some tools such of cameras ,laptop to continue or work coz some is broken by IOF and settlers and we need help promote our social media stuff about Palestine and partically in Hebron and we open mind to cooperate with any one who works for justice and freedom of Palestine and same to work together to boycott Israel.We start thinking about exit a new department for the women and children in Israeli jail we need funds for this issue and legal stuff.We appricaite and speak tour offer for our for our activists.

Human Rights Defenders Group coordinator

Badee Dwaik

Office of the Childrens Aid Society Lawyer

16 Mar

The Judicial system here is supposedly set up so that all parties are represented. In terms of family law that means that the child, as an affected party is represented by the office of the children’s lawyer. One would assume since the child is an affected party that the child would get to have some say on who represents them or that any lawyer certified by the bar would be able to represent the child.

However in a system where parents are seen as breeders whose role it is to create a commodity, children are a commodity to be bought and sold and the purpose of the courts is to legitimize child abduction, the role of the child’s lawyer is not left to just anybody. If any lawyer could represent the child then who knows maybe something horrible could happened like for example the child could find a lawyer that would actually represent the interests of the child. Here in Klanada such things cant be left to chance, to represent the child in court one must be a member of the OCL, which stands for office of the Childrens Lawyer. In other words if you are under the age of 18 and are involved in family or CAS court you do not have the right to choose your own lawyer to represent you in these issues but rather forcefully have someone from this office appointed to you.

So what must one do to be part of this group of elite lawyers to defend the rights of children weather they want your help or not? From my observations its quite clear, one must first work for CAS and be sympathetic to there cause. Despite this being a clear conflict of interests in the sense that the interests of the child very rarely are the same as the interests of CAS this is set up this way so that the machinery of child abduction services can be greased again and again with favoritism, nepotism and corruption.

While to some the words I use may seem shocking the sad fact is that the OCL is suppose to serve the interests of the child. The purpose of a child having a lawyer is so that the voice of the child can be heard in court. If lawyers and workers for the OCL are to serve the interests of the child as an independent representative then the OCL must be independent of all other parties in court procedures. This cannot be possible if they have clear ties to the CAS, which is a separate party with interests that are distinct and separate from the child.

If by this point in time you are not totally disgusted maybe it may make sense to see who is the judge or JP presiding over these cases and what there legal history is. Maybe one must ask the question what were these judges before they became judges in family court. If one asks these questions and examines the answers it is quite clear that family court is nothing more then a kangaroo court, an old boys club where everyone knows everyone, and everyone is getting paid and making money, except of course the child, who is after all the commodity that is bought and sold and this three ring circus. The solution to this problem isn’t simply family court reform, or any other magic bullet but rather an overhauling of the whole system which at its base is the profit motive. As long as children are commodity’s any sort of reform is just window dressing. This does not mean that we shouldn’t fight for reform or getting whatever we can from this sick system but rather let us not have any illusions that the queens justice is just for anyone other then the queen and her minions of bloodsuckers.

Abolish Apartheid From Turtle Island to Palestine: Support Palestinian Land Defender Visit to Kanada

16 Mar


Abolish Apartheid From Turtle Island to Palestine: Support Palestinian Land Defender Visit to Kanada

she:kon sewa’kwe:kon – greetings everyone

Today I write you with a sense of urgency and excitement as we have finally received our guest Badee Al Dwaik from the Human Rights Defenders based in Al-Khalil (Hebron).

Badee is here for Israeli Apartheid Week, and will be speaking in socalled quebec & ontario. He is around for the next few weeks (until Apr 1). He will be speaking this Wednesday in tionnitiotiah:ke (socalled montreal). We are trying to confirm a small event in tkaronto as well as a visit to unceded Algonquin territory, the capital of colonial Kanada: Ottawa. This weekend (Mar 19&20) Badee will be participating in the Social & Environmental Justice Symposium at the University of Guelph, located within One Dish One Spoon territory, traditional lands of Michi Saagiig Anishinaabe, Onondowa’ga Haudenosaunee, Wendat & Chonnonton peoples, which is now encompassed within the Haldimond Proclamation. If you live in these cities or have contacts there who could be of help please advise.

As we know University honoraria take a long time to process and are often less than overwhelming.

I am writing you now to ask for financial support to assist with Badee’s cost of living while he is here in Kanada. Specifically I am really looking to Ashkinazi folks for financial support, as your occupation of our territories unites us (onkwehonwe & palestinian) in struggle. Please if you can send 10$ or 20$ this will help us so much !!! But more than sending money though, please: forward this request on to your contacts. It would be ideal especially if you could pass this along to active anti-apartheid Ashkinazi people in your networks, as well as other White people with economic and structural privilege, and others who you feel will be sympathetic to our case.

Email money transfers & PayPal donations can be sent to:
Please write BADEE in the notes

Looking forward to hearing from you and finding ways to together deepen our support of grassroots Palestinian people fighting apartheid and occupation on the ground in their homelands while centering this work in the context of apartheid and occupation on these lands.

All the best & great thanks for your continued support ❤


Badee Dwaik based in Al-Khalil (Hebron), co-founder of Human Rights Defenders, a grassroots anti-colonial organization that documents the Human Rights Violations that occur in Al-Khalil by IDF soldiers and Israeli settlers. Badee is a media justice organizer and Palestinian father who is dedicated to the Palestinian people and an end to occupation of his original territories.

Human Rights Defenders:

The Human Rights Defenders document IDF raids, attacks, human rights abuses and have been on the front line of media justice in a context of militarized occupation. Similar to Cop Watch, HRD use their own equipment to film / record violations of Human Rights in Al-Khalil and release these reports online for a global audience. Palestinian people in Al-Khalil live in an extremely high-tension urban context of apartheid with normalized military presence, check points and close proximity to Israeli settlements.

Earlier this winter the situation has escalated greatly in Al-Khalil with the State of Israel locking down much of the city. Badee and over 100 other Palestinian homes have been targeted for raids and attacks from IDF soldiers.