Thoughts on yesterdays prayers for Alan and Vinnie Ryan

6 Mar

On Saturday I went to the mass for the dead for the souls of Alan and Vinnie Ryan. Usually I rarely attend funerals and prayers for the dead and such despite losing many friends, and also I rarely go to church because Orthodox Christians did not have Vatican II and as such mass is beutiful but usually like three hours, still hearing about what happened to Vinnie was really heart breaking and I told the family that we would hold prayers for their souls as it is the least we can do here.

After having an argument with my sister about giving me her cellphone to take pictures (she is not a fan of being woken up at 7 30 am) I headed to church. The last time I attended prayers for the dead was for my mom on her anniversary in September, and hearing the prayers for the dead made me think about alot of different things, mostly about the Ryan Family and their loss, to lose two family members years apart is heartbreaking enough but to have lost them in such a brutal manner and the callousness of the media to treat their deaths like a circus must be too much for any family to deal with. To know that the police which was constantly watching both brothers magically disappearing when the shots that took their lives was fired must be heart breaking. To know that those that supposedly are suppose to serve and protect colluding with criminal gangs to take the lives of not one but two family members must be so agonizing that I cant even imagine how the family is feeling right now.

As the priest started chanting the prayer of eternal remembrance I started to think that despite these heinous crimes both Alan and Vinnie will be eternally remembered not just in Ireland but across the world. Those that took their lives are pawns of the state who will quickly be forgotten and although both Vinnie and Alan are no longer with us what they stood for, what they lived and died for cannot be erased by bullet or gun because they did not live and die for themselves but rather their community’s and the desire for their people to be free. And although they may be dead their memories and what they stood for will be eternal not just in Ireland but around the world. I would like to close this with my deepest condolences to the Ryan family, the people of Dublin, the people across the 32 Counties and the people around the world who lost two brave and heroic freedom fighters. As we pray for their souls we remember who they were and in struggle who they are.


2 Responses to “Thoughts on yesterdays prayers for Alan and Vinnie Ryan”

  1. doug March 6, 2016 at 5:34 pm #

    So Vinnie Ryan who was a murdering thug got himself killed also!!!Well well well,Karma is a bitch sometimes.!!!

    • julian ichim March 8, 2016 at 7:01 pm #

      You are a peace of shit i hope that you fuck off and die you peace of shit

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