In Kitchener, leaflets handed out placards hung, demanding justice for Ecuador, and not to Chevron.

12 Mar

Today as part of the campaign to hold Chevron responsible for the crimes they have committed in Ecuador such as destroying the rain forest and displacing indigenous peoples in the area members of Anti Colonial Working Group had an info picket outside of the farmers market which was well received. This was followed by hanging up placards demanding justice for Ecuador around the city, including on the campuses.

Most people were quite supportive except for a monarcho-fascist whom when i was just with my friend Yanna getting more photocopies and making placards started to threaten me from across the street telling me to go back to my own country and if I dont like the way things are here to fuck off. As well he said my placards were illegal and I was illegal. He then started to cross the street with his fists clenched and it looked like we were gonna fight but then he turned around and insulted me more showing that he has no conviction of his principles and is a coward. All in all today was good and this is just the start of our work here around demanding justice for Ecuador,


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