Abolish Apartheid From Turtle Island to Palestine: Support Palestinian Land Defender Visit to Kanada

16 Mar


Abolish Apartheid From Turtle Island to Palestine: Support Palestinian Land Defender Visit to Kanada

she:kon sewa’kwe:kon – greetings everyone

Today I write you with a sense of urgency and excitement as we have finally received our guest Badee Al Dwaik from the Human Rights Defenders based in Al-Khalil (Hebron).

Badee is here for Israeli Apartheid Week, and will be speaking in socalled quebec & ontario. He is around for the next few weeks (until Apr 1). He will be speaking this Wednesday in tionnitiotiah:ke (socalled montreal). We are trying to confirm a small event in tkaronto as well as a visit to unceded Algonquin territory, the capital of colonial Kanada: Ottawa. This weekend (Mar 19&20) Badee will be participating in the Social & Environmental Justice Symposium at the University of Guelph, located within One Dish One Spoon territory, traditional lands of Michi Saagiig Anishinaabe, Onondowa’ga Haudenosaunee, Wendat & Chonnonton peoples, which is now encompassed within the Haldimond Proclamation. If you live in these cities or have contacts there who could be of help please advise.

As we know University honoraria take a long time to process and are often less than overwhelming.

I am writing you now to ask for financial support to assist with Badee’s cost of living while he is here in Kanada. Specifically I am really looking to Ashkinazi folks for financial support, as your occupation of our territories unites us (onkwehonwe & palestinian) in struggle. Please if you can send 10$ or 20$ this will help us so much !!! But more than sending money though, please: forward this request on to your contacts. It would be ideal especially if you could pass this along to active anti-apartheid Ashkinazi people in your networks, as well as other White people with economic and structural privilege, and others who you feel will be sympathetic to our case.

Email money transfers & PayPal donations can be sent to: reclaimturtleisland@gmail.com
Please write BADEE in the notes

Looking forward to hearing from you and finding ways to together deepen our support of grassroots Palestinian people fighting apartheid and occupation on the ground in their homelands while centering this work in the context of apartheid and occupation on these lands.

All the best & great thanks for your continued support ❤


Badee Dwaik based in Al-Khalil (Hebron), co-founder of Human Rights Defenders, a grassroots anti-colonial organization that documents the Human Rights Violations that occur in Al-Khalil by IDF soldiers and Israeli settlers. Badee is a media justice organizer and Palestinian father who is dedicated to the Palestinian people and an end to occupation of his original territories.

Human Rights Defenders:

The Human Rights Defenders document IDF raids, attacks, human rights abuses and have been on the front line of media justice in a context of militarized occupation. Similar to Cop Watch, HRD use their own equipment to film / record violations of Human Rights in Al-Khalil and release these reports online for a global audience. Palestinian people in Al-Khalil live in an extremely high-tension urban context of apartheid with normalized military presence, check points and close proximity to Israeli settlements.

Earlier this winter the situation has escalated greatly in Al-Khalil with the State of Israel locking down much of the city. Badee and over 100 other Palestinian homes have been targeted for raids and attacks from IDF soldiers.



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