Office of the Childrens Aid Society Lawyer

16 Mar

The Judicial system here is supposedly set up so that all parties are represented. In terms of family law that means that the child, as an affected party is represented by the office of the children’s lawyer. One would assume since the child is an affected party that the child would get to have some say on who represents them or that any lawyer certified by the bar would be able to represent the child.

However in a system where parents are seen as breeders whose role it is to create a commodity, children are a commodity to be bought and sold and the purpose of the courts is to legitimize child abduction, the role of the child’s lawyer is not left to just anybody. If any lawyer could represent the child then who knows maybe something horrible could happened like for example the child could find a lawyer that would actually represent the interests of the child. Here in Klanada such things cant be left to chance, to represent the child in court one must be a member of the OCL, which stands for office of the Childrens Lawyer. In other words if you are under the age of 18 and are involved in family or CAS court you do not have the right to choose your own lawyer to represent you in these issues but rather forcefully have someone from this office appointed to you.

So what must one do to be part of this group of elite lawyers to defend the rights of children weather they want your help or not? From my observations its quite clear, one must first work for CAS and be sympathetic to there cause. Despite this being a clear conflict of interests in the sense that the interests of the child very rarely are the same as the interests of CAS this is set up this way so that the machinery of child abduction services can be greased again and again with favoritism, nepotism and corruption.

While to some the words I use may seem shocking the sad fact is that the OCL is suppose to serve the interests of the child. The purpose of a child having a lawyer is so that the voice of the child can be heard in court. If lawyers and workers for the OCL are to serve the interests of the child as an independent representative then the OCL must be independent of all other parties in court procedures. This cannot be possible if they have clear ties to the CAS, which is a separate party with interests that are distinct and separate from the child.

If by this point in time you are not totally disgusted maybe it may make sense to see who is the judge or JP presiding over these cases and what there legal history is. Maybe one must ask the question what were these judges before they became judges in family court. If one asks these questions and examines the answers it is quite clear that family court is nothing more then a kangaroo court, an old boys club where everyone knows everyone, and everyone is getting paid and making money, except of course the child, who is after all the commodity that is bought and sold and this three ring circus. The solution to this problem isn’t simply family court reform, or any other magic bullet but rather an overhauling of the whole system which at its base is the profit motive. As long as children are commodity’s any sort of reform is just window dressing. This does not mean that we shouldn’t fight for reform or getting whatever we can from this sick system but rather let us not have any illusions that the queens justice is just for anyone other then the queen and her minions of bloodsuckers.


One Response to “Office of the Childrens Aid Society Lawyer”

  1. rights of man March 17, 2016 at 11:36 pm #

    wow Julian .. me thinks u starting to get it finally
    if u wanna know how to remedy this blatant theft and abuse of cargo / kids / persons u might wanna give me a shout
    if not, keep beating your head against the wall till u learn .. the hard way from what i can see

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