Interview with Badee Dwaik coordinator Human Rights Defenders Palestine

21 Mar

1. Please Give us a brief history of who you are and your political history

I’m have a degree in Social Work from Al Quds Open University. As an activist, I deeply committed to the principles of popular resistance .I been involved in many training, workshops seminars and conference around of the world for peace ,justice and free of Palestine .I was one of main organizer of Bab Alshamss(Sun of Gate) which done on January of 2013 and wrote a poem about it and many actions.While nonviolence was previously more associated with the internationals, Human Rights Defenders Group has succeeded in recruiting Palestinians to nonviolent resistance, including members of the main parties.One of our project is Free Shireen Issawi campaign.I set behalf of my group and cooperating with some organization a Global political prisoners day since we are believed in the global resistance . I’m one of the freedom riders bus action to Jerusalem which happened on 15th of November 2011 when six Palestinian ride settlers bus. At the age of 20, I spent three years in jail because of resistance against the occupation . This time, especially the interrogations, only worsened his view of Israelis. However, my time in jail was also a time of study and reading about many different things: “After my release from jail, I began to think differently about the real enemy for me and my people. . That encouraged me to try to connect with Jewish people who had solidarity with our issue. I came to believe that if we want to get our rights as Palestinians, we have to get it by nonviolent popular resistance.” as one of the most important ways.We do serval things in our group such political tour and home sty to educate people more about the situation and Israeli occupation and to try involve more people for the resistance we do so they ca support us and we do speak tour in abroad when we get the chance be invited to tell the stories .One of our main work is documentary by capturing Israel occupation by the camera and upload on Human Rights Defenders in Palestine youtube channel .We do social media stuff through our Facebook and twitter and others media

2. Tell us what the situation is in Palestine , particularly Hebron
The situation in Palestine right now worse than before and specially in Alkhalil(Hebron).207 was shot and killed by the IOF(Israeli occupation forces) and settlers and about 60 of them were killed from Alkhalil and many of them are kids murders was shot for no reason. and some places already and announced military zone area and they forced the Palestinian who lives in the illegal settlements area to registered them in list and not allow for any one else the residence through the military checkpoint and people getting live in small seperate jails in the same are coz Israeli transferred Hebron to be a museum of the apartheid by applying servel polices sush of ethnically cleaning,ghost town and silence transfer policy and heart of the city almost become I zionist jewish area and Shuhada street which took over and not allow for Palestinian exist life there and other places contacted

4. In the past decades it seems that the Oslo model is being used as an outline of implementing peace in occupied country’s tell us your analysis of this model

Oslo agreement was one big mistake in Palestinian resistance history because Israelis transfer Palestinian from indirect cheap occupation to indirect occupation after a hug propoganda promote it and make people think over the world that Palestinian issue is solved wich this make our resistance more hard and the settlements wich build after oslo more than before,about 7000 political prisoners in Israeli jail right now ,some 450 of them is administrative detention without any charge osla didn’t get back or land or recourse of freedom and our air and every thing still controlled nad occupied by them.

5. What can people do here to support human rights in Palestine

We need network as much we can with many several contacts over the world to support our activities such of the global political day and the Palestinian prisoners day on 17th of April and the global day for shuhada street .we need some tools such of cameras ,laptop to continue or work coz some is broken by IOF and settlers and we need help promote our social media stuff about Palestine and partically in Hebron and we open mind to cooperate with any one who works for justice and freedom of Palestine and same to work together to boycott Israel.We start thinking about exit a new department for the women and children in Israeli jail we need funds for this issue and legal stuff.We appricaite and speak tour offer for our for our activists.

Human Rights Defenders Group coordinator

Badee Dwaik


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