From Belfast to Palestine Occupation is a crime!!! Report on event with Badee Dwaik.

23 Mar

This past Monday Anti Colonial Working Group hosted Palestinian human rights activist Badee Dwaik from Hebron at Egg Roll King. This venue was chosen because other venues were not comfortable with taking a stand against Israeli Apartheid and were afraid of being labelled as anti semetic, a slur thrown around by Israel to silence opposition.

The event began with an introduction and welcoming remarks from the 32CSM in Ireland, applauding the Palestinians for their resistance and their struggle for sovereignty. The 32CSM msg continued to talk about mutual struggles against G4S and the Oslo model which has also been imposed in Ireland through the GFA which in both cases negates the key issue which is that of sovereignty which for both the Palestinians and Irish is negated by these agreements where sovereignty is replaced by administrating Israeli and British rule.

Dwaik then began to speak about the situation in Hebron, Administrative detention and Oslo. He spoke about how with Oslo the Israelis want to push this view that the Palestinian question is solved, that their is now a roadmap for peace and all those who oppose this are warmongers, when the reality on the ground is quite different. He continued to talked about the violence that the Palestinian community faces at the hands of the occupation and that Oslo just normalizes this violence through normalizing the occupation and that the role of the so called Palestinian state in the west bank is not to create a space for the Palestinian people to determine their own destiny but rather to administer Israeli rule.

His presentation was followed by a discussion on what we can do to support and three points were raised. The first point was to endorse the April 17th international day for political prisoners, the second was to continue to resist G4S and the third was to support refugee familys here from Syria under attack from CAS and other groups.

The event ended with the presentation of the 32CSM flag to our Palestinian comrade and pledging of mutual aid and solidarity.

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