32CSM statement read yesterday at Toronto Easter Commemoration

27 Mar

Easter message from the 32 County Sovereignty Movement 2016

On this the Centenary of the 1916 Easter Rebellion the sovereignty of the Irish people remains violated through British Parliamentary activity in the occupied Six Counties. The clarity of the Proclamation in defining Irish sovereignty as inalienable and indefeasible has guaranteed that documents separatist credentials and no amount of Home Rule sophistry can alter this fact.

The desperate efforts of revisionists and establishment nationalists to reconcile Partition with the Proclamation are a measure of their own failure to do so. No avenue was left unexplored as they sought to dilute, distort and physically demolish the core tenets of the Easter Week Rebellion.

Partition is an imperialist relic. It created two sectarian statelets on either side of it, both of which continue to fail to serve the people of Ireland. As the question of sovereignty is to the fore within British politics, with Scottish Independence and a British exit from the EU looming large, we ask the English people why should the interests of the people of Ireland be vested in your Parliament and not in a sovereign Parliament of our own?

The 1916 Rising was an armed expression of Irish sovereignty so expressed because a foreign power usurped that sovereignty. That state of affairs continues to this day making further such expressions inevitable. For republicans this inevitability cannot be taken for granted by presuming the mere act is sufficient justification in itself. A national struggle requires a national mindset and a national dimension with the primacy of revolutionary politics affirmed.
It is to this revolutionary task that republicans must now focus on. To attain a national mindset republicans must first act maturely as was witnessed in the successful Citizens Occupation of the Moore Street Battle Site. There is no parochial or isolationist route to freedom. Irish Unity requires Republican Unity to achieve it. We are ready to play our part fully!


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