In Thornton case, Justice Milanetti gave OIPRD lawyer shit for not even filing paperwork. Chief of police prevents independent body from conducting investigation

28 Mar

Seems that the OIPRD and their council are so use to just getting what they want, they no longer seem to feel that they must follow rule of law. Yesterday in Hamilton court, Thornton self represented in a motion to re-open an application to the divisional court, asking to have a judicial review of an unsubstantiated police complaint. This is one of many procedures launched by Thornton, who has been seeking justice since Waterloo Regional Police constables beat him in the lobby of Family and Children’s Services, entered false evidence in mental health court, and later lied on the stand during a small claims proceeding. Council for OIPRD indicated they would be asking for Thornton’s motion for an extension of the divisional court application be dismissed. They were so sure that they would get what they want that they didn’t even file a response to Greg’s motion. Justice Milanetti provide Thornton with the name of Neil Jones from Mackesy Smye Lawyers, in order to seek legal advice, in addition to granting him an extension.

This cockyness and old boys club mentality of OIPRD council is quite clearly an indication of the corruption within Kitchener Court, where most of the hearings relating to Thornton have taken place. To imagine that you will get what you want in court without even filing the paperwork indicates the high level of corruption in the system where a verdict is already prepared and all one must do is show up and allow the boys club to decide.

In Hamilton Court, Justice Milanetti was not impressed with this and made that quite clear to the council for the oiprd. She made it quite clear not only was she not going to give her what she wanted but gave her severe tongue lashing for not following court procedures or rule of law.

To make matters more convoluted it seems that the OIPRD may have a somewhat legitimate claim to explain why they so royally failed on this, which is that Waterloo Regional Police Services completed the investigation submitted to the OIPRD, which is supposed to be an independent body. In documents received by Mr. Thornton, it is shown that Waterloo Regional Police has prevented the OIPRD from investigating Thornton’s submissions, claiming no request for review was entered. Investigations and reports were handled by Waterloo Regional Police with the OIPRD having no oversight. Still this does not let the OIPRD off the hook Thornton’s recent complaint submissions were answered by WRPS using OIPRD letterhead. I shit you not WRPS was answering the OIPRDs letters with their letterhead.This demonstrates the collusion of the OIPRD with police services to assist the police in anyway they can to cover up and hide the truth, that cops beat someone up, arrested him and put him in jail where he sat in his own shit for two days, then lied to cover it up.

This makes one wonder what role did the police play in stopping Thornton laying civilian charges against the police who beat him and lied. What role did they play in his civil suit and his appeal to stop the truth from coming out? Is it too much to speculate that the reason justice is blocked at every turn in this case is because of police interFEAREence? In any case the fact that WRPS can block complaints from being heard by a so called independent body and then use this body’s letterhead to screen out complaints to that body is scary shit and bad news for everybody


One Response to “In Thornton case, Justice Milanetti gave OIPRD lawyer shit for not even filing paperwork. Chief of police prevents independent body from conducting investigation”

  1. sam chatur January 18, 2017 at 12:46 pm #

    I just had my complaint dismissed despite the police office admitting misconduct and offering to apologies in writting

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