This Easter Weekend 1916 was commemorated in Toronto Kitchener and Vancouver

31 Mar

This Easter we had three commemorations in Toronto Vancouver and Kitchener to remember the sacrifices of 1916 and to move forward supporting those that are still fighting for a 32 County Irish Republic.

In Toronto the event started with an opening from our Indigenous comrades acknowledging the land and the need to resist colonialism everywhere, this was followed by the reading of the proclamation. A message from the 32CSM that was read and this was followed by a message from Anti Colonial Working Group. The event ended with a message from the Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front and a call for unified internationalism against the Anglo American empire.

In Toronto Police were present and they taped the whole event from their van driving by as we left so we could see them photographing us.

In Kitchener our event was declared illegal by a bunch of reactionary forces in suits who were clearly some sort of intelligence. We were asked to disburse which we did then we reconviend at another location starting another event which was separate from the one that was disbursed. The event started with the reading of the Proclamation, the message from the 32CSM and a speech from Anti Colonial Working Group which will be published tomorrow or the next day.

In Vancouver The Red Sparks Union held an event which included the reading of a poem by James Connolly, and a discussion on the present state of Republicanism in Ireland from a 32 perspective as well as the case of the Craigavon Two.

The police response in Ontario to these events shows the states need to crush the discussion on what is going on in Ireland. As our movement grows and strengthens so will state attacks and attempts of intimidation. This should not deter us but rather should strengthen our resolve. In these times we must remember the words of Mao to be hated by the enemy is a good thing not a bad thing. Its quite clear that given the state response we are definitely doing something right

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