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Greg Thornton in court on May 31st to oppose police tampering in OIPRD complaint

28 Apr

On May 31st Greg Thornton will be in court to present two judicial review applications, stemming from Waterloo Regional Police Services investigative report, regarding complaints submitted to the OIPRD. Earlier this week Thornton served Waterloo Regional Police notice that he will proceed down this path. WRPS responded that they would request a lean of $1200, owed to their insurance after a failed civil matter naming the officer who stuck Thornton in the head when his hands were behind his back. (it was the officer’s perception that Thornton could have assaulted him, which justified the application of force) At Thornton’s last court date Thornton was made aware that the unsubstantiated complaint has impacted new information screened out by OIPRD. The event occurred in the lobby of family and childrens’ services may 4th 2012, where Thornton was brutally beaten and then left in his own feces in solitary for days.

The OIPRD which is suppose to be an independent body when made aware of Thornton’s complaint sent it to Waterloo Regional Police which dismissed it. This demonstrates the lack of independence of the OIPRD as well as the lack of accountability of Police. Thornton will be appearing in the john sopinka courthouse in Hamilton, may 31st at 10am.

32CSM statement read yesterday at picket for International Prisoners Day

18 Apr

the 32CSM sends revolutionary greetings to those gathered hear today to commemorate international prisoners day. We also send revolutionary greetings to our Palestinian brothers and sisters particularly those on hunger strike resisting administrative detention or what is known in Ireland as internment. We stand with all prisoners who are locked away for affirming in arms or through political discourse to right to resist occupation. We also stand with all republican prisoners who are currently facing abuses and torture at the hands of the British administration. We believe that one can judge a movement by its treatment of its prisoners and we will never forget the prisoners.

Report on International Prisoners Day.

18 Apr

Today Sunday Poetry and Anti Colonial Working Group held a picket and flyering event in solidarity to support International Political Prisoners Day. Although this day was originally called by our Palestinian comrades to remember Palestinian prisoners material handed out included flyers for Palestinian Irish and Indigenous Prisoners including Leonard Peltier. The event started with the reading of a 32CSM message in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners and those imprisoned by the the forces of reaction. After the event we went to the IANC occupation in solidarity with Attawapiskat to show our support and solidarity.

Gerardo Hernandez of the Cuban Five Speaks in Toronto

4 Apr

Today several hundred people gathered at The Steelworkers Hall in Toronto to hear Gerardo Hernandez speak. Hernandez was a political prisoner in the United Snakes of America put into prison for defending his country, Cuba, from terrorist attacks carried out from US soil. Known as the Cuban Five he along with four others were imprisoned for about 16 years, serving large portions of this time in isolation, in horrible conditions, denied visits from loved ones as well as medical attention. In the case of Hernandez he was given a double life sentence plus fifteen years to be freed by the power of the people whom took to the streets all around the world.

As someone who was active on the campaign to free the Cuban Five from the start, the fact that Hernandez was sitting in the same room as myself seemed to me to be some sort of miracle and despite all that they put him through it was quite clear that the United Snakes of America did not break him. Speaking about a variety of issues ranging from the future of the revolution, to the successes of the revolution to political prisoners one could hear the drop of a needle as so many people were spellbound by his revolutionary ardor. His passion when talking about the Cuban Revolution its gains and obstacles was contagious, as well as his passion for the rights of political prisoners so much so that when he said we must free Mumia, Peltier and Irish POWS everyone started clapping. Thunderous applause was also heard throughout the night as he talked about the revolution not as something theoretical but rather something of flesh and blood that impacted him growing up and shaped his life. When hearing him talk about his childhood one could fully see the dedication of this man and the love this man has for the Cuban Revolution, the same love and dedication that led him to sacrifice 16 years of his life in a US jail for this revolution.

His internationalism was also quite evident as he had quite an understanding of international revolutionary movements such as the Irish Republican Resistance which he demonstrated afterwords in a brief chat we had in which he sent revolutionary greetings to the 32CSM and met woth the Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front.

This meeting was not just a showcase to the strength of this revolutionary but also to the strength of the people as a political force who were able to mobilize resist and with the revolutionary leadership of the Cuban Communist Party rip this person from the belly of the beast and re unite him with his family. This lesson is one we must apply now as we struggle to free our comrades in the belly of the beast, from Peltier to the Craigavon Two.