Greg Thornton in court on May 31st to oppose police tampering in OIPRD complaint

28 Apr

On May 31st Greg Thornton will be in court to present two judicial review applications, stemming from Waterloo Regional Police Services investigative report, regarding complaints submitted to the OIPRD. Earlier this week Thornton served Waterloo Regional Police notice that he will proceed down this path. WRPS responded that they would request a lean of $1200, owed to their insurance after a failed civil matter naming the officer who stuck Thornton in the head when his hands were behind his back. (it was the officer’s perception that Thornton could have assaulted him, which justified the application of force) At Thornton’s last court date Thornton was made aware that the unsubstantiated complaint has impacted new information screened out by OIPRD. The event occurred in the lobby of family and childrens’ services may 4th 2012, where Thornton was brutally beaten and then left in his own feces in solitary for days.

The OIPRD which is suppose to be an independent body when made aware of Thornton’s complaint sent it to Waterloo Regional Police which dismissed it. This demonstrates the lack of independence of the OIPRD as well as the lack of accountability of Police. Thornton will be appearing in the john sopinka courthouse in Hamilton, may 31st at 10am.


2 Responses to “Greg Thornton in court on May 31st to oppose police tampering in OIPRD complaint”

  1. anon June 9, 2016 at 5:07 pm #

    @Julian – where’s the followup? what happened to Greg?

    • Greg Thornton June 28, 2016 at 4:56 pm #

      The OIPRD didn’t file responding paperwork, and Justice Milanetti put off the day and gave me the name of a lawyer (who told me it would cost a lot of money to get him to do anything, and all I stand to gain is a review. He didn’t specifically know if legal aid would pay, and didn’t seem interested in finding out) The courthouse then put the “long” motion before a judge who was only hearing short motions, postponed the matter till the week of the 17th, called me on the 20th at 3:45, and tried to tell me I had less than 24hr notice to appear for my motion or it would be considered abandoned. I refused to abandon the motion, but couldn’t confirm attendance without finding a ride. The divisional court matter is being postponed until notice can be provided.

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