Waterloo Regional Police, To Serve and Protect Abusers!!!!!

4 Jun

I am going to post a statement written by the partner of a friend of mine who is currently experiencing serious psychological abuse from an ex. When they were together he repetitively hospitalized her and now he is driving by her house, having friends threatening her at work to the point where she lost her job and countless other cruel and manipulative acts. When going to the police and being presented evidence she is turned away yet ironically last night he made up lies about something on social media, not only did they not investigate to see that it was pure shit, but they went to her house woke her up and intimidated her. Ironically the sister of the abuser works for CAS and is an auxiliary police officer.

W.R.P.S. seem to have a peculiar way to conduct the way the C .C.C. sec 264 , the law on criminal harassment . When individuals are being stalked , both physically and by means of social media , and the parties involved in these criminal behaviors go as far as to give their real name and cell # , W .R.P.S. constable Prentice , badge #1421 , disregarded any of this, stating you can NOT prove it was the individuals in question at their computer. Also , there is NO proof of said STALKER constantly driving by your home,at various hours , even with dates and times recorded physically , the makes of the vehicles , and 2 of the 4 vehicles licence plates Mr. Stalker uses to drive by in BLATANT attempts to intimidate . Yet , at approximately 1:30 this very morning , this very same Constable Prentice , bangs on my door , being accompanied by a female officer (who refused to give her name or badge # ) to WARN me about making threats, via face book . Threats of ” burning down a house ” apparently . Yet , these officers have ZERO evidence to back up any of this , and are going on the word of , you guessed it , the person doing the criminal harassment / stalking , and even try to lure me outside to discuss all of this . So , to sum up ,victims of crime, production of evidence = IT CAN NOT BE PROVEN , but on this person’s word alone , the individual committing the CRIMES , and ZERO proof = WARNINGS and attempt to lure outside past 1:38 , to ” talk “. The key to all this being turned a blind eye to in Waterloo ? The stalker’s sister works for C.A.S. Anyone else in the region see the twisted , even CRIMINAL logic being employed here ?


One Response to “Waterloo Regional Police, To Serve and Protect Abusers!!!!!”

  1. Freedom Rights June 4, 2016 at 5:18 am #

    @Julian … by now most of us know you have cell with camera, so where’s the video or pics? screenshot of abuser’s FB comments, etc.? WHERE are the names and info of “parties involved in these criminal behaviors go as far as to give their real name and cell #”? many who visit here maybe lawyers, activists, rights advocates, community elders and others that can help, yet you seem to blurt out half ass stories or ones you haven’t thought through that don’t give you much credibility. BTW what happened to Greg Thornton in Hamilton or did you forget about that also?

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