Info picket in support of MST and against the coup was quite succesful

6 Jun

On Saturday Anti Colonial Working Group held an info picket at the Kitchener Farmers Market to raise awareness of the US backed Coup in Brazil, as well as the right wing forces attacks on the MST, the landless peasant movement in Brazil that has led to the loss of life. As an affiliate of the 32CSM, we thought it was quite fitting that the statement we handed out was the 32CSM statement on the illegal Coup and in support of the MST.

The reception we got from the people attending the Market was very positive, as we handed out over 600 copies of this statement which can be found at and many people engaged in serious discussion with us on this statement. Vendors at the farmers market did there part by taking copies of this statement to distribute at their tables and such. We look forward to attending the market again to raise the level of discussion and break the silence on the crimes of the imperialists in Brazil

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