Info Pickets and Banner drops in four cities in support of 32CSM call out on Brexit.

18 Jun

13417709_10153735964874211_4519822031351738828_nPeople in Kitchener, Toronto Montreal and Edmonton took a stand in support of Irish Sovereignty in terms of the Brexit vote. Over 700 flyers were handed out in Kitchener and toronto alone stating the following.

“Brexit – Protest highlighting the violation of Irish Sovereignty

The sovereign autonomy that those campaigning for the so called Brexit are seeking is the very same sovereign autonomy that successive British Governments have denied the people of Ireland. If they are successful in their campaign the contradiction between their new found position and their imperialist presence in Ireland will be profound. The partition of Ireland is an imperialist relic which has no place within any definition of national sovereignty or the rights of nations. If you mandate your government to leave the European Union on June 23rd on the basis of reclaiming your sovereignty you must extend that right and logic to the people of Ireland.”

In Kitchener the demonstration was deemed illegal and people disburse but later came back together in groups of threes, some going insode the Market, which is city property, and dropping flags and banners. When the threat of arrests did not work they bribed us with pepsi cola. Given that our choices was arrest or pepsi we took the pop as hundreds of flyers were handed and our point was raised.

In Toronto flyers were handed out at the British Consulate followed by flag and banner waving inside 777 College Street the building that houses the consulate, a jail and various other mechanisms of repression. A security guard asked us what the craic was but refused to take our msg to the consulate.

All in all today was very positive and more actions in support of Irish Sovereignty will increase and intensify.

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