The masks come off as haughty abuser feels untouchable

26 Jun

On June 18th a well known stalker whose harassment stalking and and general intimidation has been reported on in this blog has upped his game by trying to clip the woman he has been stalking and the child of her roommate in his car. The driver was identified by said youth despite the fact that he has never seen or known about the way in which said abuser looks like.

The fact that he is not in jail has emboldened the sicko so much that he now uses his real name on facebook posts meant to intimidate this woman and continues to stalk and harass said woman.

Today once again the abuser drove by the woman’s house to clearly intimidate her as he does and she went to the police once again. I accompanied her as a witness and as such we were treated quite well and police seemed very interested.

Yet I wonder if i tried to clip some kid with a car, had a documented history of physical violence towards said person would I be free a week later to drive by and continue this? Clearly the answer is no, but then again my sister is neither an auxiliary officer of the WRPS nor a CAS worker.

Regardless the level of violence is clearly intensifying and it would be quite sad if she were to die at the hands of this misogynist because of the courtesy that the state agents grant each other


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