No Pride in Policing WRPS states that calling people homo is covered by the constitution

30 Jun

So as my readers are aware a woman in my community has been a victim of constant stalking, harassment and most recently was almost clipped by a car of the abuser while she was walking with her roommates kid to the store. She went to the police but solution has been provided. Recently she handed over a shit ton of document evidence of this harassment to the police.

Part of this mass of evidence that she has handed over is harassment by the abuser of her friends and such. In this document the abuser, using his real name has been harassing and bullying someone calling them a “homo” and other homophobic slurs which violates both hate laws and cyber bullying laws. Today when I got back home I found out that the police responded to this by stating that this sort of homophobic behavior targeted at an individual in the eyes of the police is protected by the constitution,

At this point in time when people are celebrating pride and the Toronto Police Chief apologized for the bathraids claiming that want to turn the page and have better relations with the queer community, it is telling that the WRPS is stating that homophobia and attacks of a homophobic nature are protected by the constitution. What sort of new relationship with the queer community do the police want to have when they are refusing to enforce laws set to protect queer people. What sort of new relationship do they want when they turn their back on a woman who is the victim of toxic patriarchal behavior? Why should the queer community have any faith in the police and their empty promises when they say that homophobia is protected by the constitution? Will this issue only be addressed when this woman ends up dead? In the wake of the murder of our friend Brandon as a result of this toxic behavior getting shot in front of his kids one would think that the police would take cases of abuse and homophobia more seriously. Clearly the new relationship police are seeking is the same as the old relationship, where hatred is protected by the constitution!!! The fact that this persons sister is a auxiliary officer and a CAS worker should mean that the police should take this more seriously, rather then do what they always do and protect their own at the cost of innocent lives are destroyed.


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