At War With The State, smash that which smashes us!!!!!

11 Jul

On Thursday I was walking with a friend uptown by King and Bridgeport around lunch. We saw someone walking with a noose and go into that alcove on king street next to the head shop. This person was writing a suicide note, a passerby er pointed this out to the cops who drove on, which actually may be a good thing as Waterloo Regional Police are known to shoot first and ask later. I decided after talking to my friend to go into the alley and ask for a light for my smoke as a ice breaker as this was a person whom I have seen around but am not like best friends. I chatted to him about why he wanted to kill himself and after he told me how his life was fucked around I honestly asked wouldn’t you rather kill those that hurt you as opposed to taking your own life? he smirked. I then shared my story about suicide attempts which i will eventually write about and asked that he wait 24 hours.

In my head I thought I did the best I could till I heard on facebook the next day that this person was dead. This death hurt me quite severely not because of any knowledge of this person but because it is another working class person in this community who died from a preventable death. The past months I have not been writing many blogs other then 32 stuff and other blogs that i thought were urgent because I was afraid of what I would write. So many people have died as a result of the war on the poor in this community from the heroine epidemic to a murder done a result of toxic masculinity to people dieing at the hands of the pigs such as Beau it is quite clear that the state wants us all dead. This is not an exaggeration but rather a dialectical analysis of why people are dieing in Kitchener. Death is not the only act of violence carried out by the state on poor people in our community. From brutal evictions to CAS stealing kids, to stalkers who get away with shit because their sister is a CAS worker and a pig our community has been attacked from all sides and in light of this one need not wonder why so many people are taking their lives. The state has declared war on us, sure their was no declaration of war but Iraq Yugoslavia etc received no declaration of war. The state is imposing its economic political and social policy through the barrel of a gun and as such we are dieing.

Liberalism with its bullshit ideology is no solution as the key contradictions are not dealt with. They would rather have us die quietly while they have their special stores where they can buy their bougie hamburgers and their nice sandwiches and oyster bars and shit. Or their organic food stores and nice safe spaces where they help the underprivileged in other country but if they see a marginalized person, esp if that person is black they will runaway like a vampire from a crucifix. The only solution to the deaths in Kitchener is to recognize we are the victims of low intensity warfare and act like it. Organize our community to solve the problems that we are facing and come up with solution that center marginalized people and dont treat them as an inconvenience. The only solution will be solutions WE come up with not the Charitys which are the right arm of capital acting as a safety valve for the state. Until we get shit done ourselves we will always be at their mercy. So today we are marching for tent city and not just for housing but for our dead. We will fight and we will win!!!!

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