RIP Adrian Racolta

12 Jul

Today while I was sitting at Tent City I started to think about Adrian as this was the first Tent City that he was not at due to his death and as i was lighting a cigarette the fact that he was dead really hit me. I knew Adrian for many years as he was Romanian like myself and our family’s knew each other and such since my dad was the local priest at the Orthodox church and despite the fact that his family was some sort of other Christian sect pretty much all Romanians in Kitchener know my dad and my family. Adrian’s brother Christian was my age and Adrian was a bit younger and despite the fact that I knew both of them I really got on with Adrian.

When I was younger and a bit of a trouble maker me and Adrian would get into trouble together, nothing serious but stuff like stealing communion wine from my dad to go and have some drinks in sandhills park, fights at the bus terminal and you trouble that kids get into. In terms of the communion wine it was actually quite funny as first I would steal it out of the fridge and bring it to the park to drink so my dad decided to lock it in a closet we broke the locks sp my dad bought a chubs lock which was unbreakable so we decided to unscrew the hinges, when my dad found a way to stop us from doing that we would go through the outside window to which my dad eventually cemented the window but we would always find a way. We would make jokes about how holy we were for drinking so much communion wine and such (it was not blessed at the time we took it so we were not really committing any sin). Those who know me well probably at one point or another drank Romanian wine and honestly I think within certain segments of the community I made Romania famous because of that sweet sour taste of Romanian wine.

When I grew older and became political me and Adrian would have many discussions and despite the fact that Adrian did not consider himself political he would come out and support the work we did. From donating what little money he had to buy pizza that we gave homeless people every week, to coming each year to tent city to protect us physically from drunken assholes who would come and attack us for shits and giggles to saving my ass more times then I can count he would always be there not because of any ideology but rather because in his heart he hated to see people suffering and knew what it was like to have little and as such would share what little he had. When I was up on charges for starting this blog and was looking at several years he would come and visit me and bring coffee or we would go to williams and just talk, quite a few conversations in this blog are actually me and Adrian talking and now that he is dead maybe I will go through this and give him credit for what he as he was quite intelligent and would bring up things that put problems in a new perspective. He was never a glory hog and would avoid media like the plague yet whenever one was in a tight spot he would be there because that is the type of person that he was and every year at tent city he would show up right at those points in time when there are hardly any people there to help and make sure everyone was safe.

Adrian like all of us had his demons that he was fighting and for the longest time he was winning. He was not a saint by any means yet his heart was in the right place and no matter what he would do the right thing because that’s the type of person he was. When I heard he died I was quite shocked and despite the fact that in the last two years many people in the downtown community died young his death shocked me. I was too sick to go to the funeral or the viewing and my dad who is not doing the best (whom i hoped would be able to call a Romanian to get a ride) could not find a way there so i missed it and because of that part of me just put the fact that he died in that part of my brain with all the stuff I dont want to think about. Yet today at a low point when people went off to go and do stuff I really felt the fact that he was gone, I was thinking about him earlier as today Tent City started, but it really hit me he is gone and I will never have that funny banter that we always had, that the long conversations we had on everything from politics and music will never happened and I will never see him again. I know he is up in heaven right now in a better place because that’s the type of person he was rough around the edges but with a heart of gold, but that does little to console us who are here. You will always be remembered my friend and hopefully we will meet again in a place where there is no pain, nor sadness no suffering but life eternal.


One Response to “RIP Adrian Racolta”

  1. Aaron July 13, 2016 at 4:30 pm #

    how did adrian die?

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