For our dead not a moment of silence but a life of struggle

14 Jul

As people probably know over the last two years within our downtown community over 38 people we know well have died as a result of preventative deaths. From Heroine overdoses to murder to freezing on the street poor people in Kitchener are dropping like flies and it is quite clear that the system not only is indifferent to the material conditions that have lead to these deaths but rather IT IS THE STATE ITSELF THAT IS CREATING THESE CONDITIONS. From backing up a foreign policy that floods our streets with poisonous drugs to destroying the productive forces of the nation creating unemployment to the cuts to welfare and social services it is quite clear that the state not only refuses to solve the problems that we are facing but like the self interested sociopaths that they are choose to intensify these problems.

With the increases in the cost of living and decrease of daily income through inflation in the case of minimum wage, and in the case of welfare and disability serious cuts in the terms of income one receives as well as cuts to social services that people getting these benefits rely on to survive it is quite clear that the days of the welfare state are gone replaced by some sort of modern social Darwinism where those most marginalized are not just shown to be “undeserving” but are marked for elimination and then written off as collateral damage.

In this climate it is quite clear that the problems that we face can only be solved by us. Furthermore it is quite clear that these problems cant wait till a magic bullet drops out of the sky because if these problems are not solved then the outcome is misery suffering and more death and those who die, contrary to what we are told by the media are not expandable but rather they are our family members, mothers fathers sisters lovers people who are important to us and for us standing back silently and watching is not an option, the speeding train-wreck known as capitalism must stop and be derailed or else those whom we love and care are going to die.

In light of this the building of mass organizations the protect the people and defend their right to exist is a top priority. The purpose of these organizations is to create self reliance among the community so that the community can be self sustaining and not depend on the state to survive. From providing the opportunity to remove the things that block the individual from obtaining the necessity’s of life like food and housing to dealing with anti social elements the revolutionary organization must remove any sort of dependency the people have on the state and instead start to build their own society, dual power the ability to build while you smash that which smashes you and I would argue that seeds of this duel power can be found in the tent city. From its inception discussion is had with the participants and the goals and aims are explained and then we listen to what they have to say and respond, the dialectics, rules are establish, role are assigned, discipline in terms of tent city work is established and atmosphere is one of where all must pitch in and all benefit leaving the state out of the picture, sovial investigation is done yo find out who is who and what is what and then the serious work starts.

Every aspect of the tent city an aspect of the new society emerges, an exparement , an example that a new society can and will be created.

For our dead we must scream for they are forced silent, the criminal state once again erasing the natives people as well as the peoples of the world. We fight to smash this and it is our line in the sand …………victory belongs to the people


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