Our Future lies in a 32 County Socialist Republic, 32CSM speech read at International Romanian Heritage and Cultural day in Hamilton, Canada

14 Jul

Comrades and friends as many of you know at this point in time Ireland is divided through partition, the north occupied by the brits and the south, underdeveloped as a result of the colonialist project, under the economic domination by the European Union which is bleeding the country dry through the IMF and the World Bank, the same IMF and world bank that bled Romania dry than orchestrated a coup to impose their own agenda and rob us Romanians once again of the right to determine our own destiny.

As we are sitting and talking here loyalist mobs, the descendants of Scots given large tracts of lands by the british with the understanding that they would administer british rule and crush any resistance, are marching through Irish neighborhoods imposing their terror and violence on a community that they are occupying.

In the name of culture they are setting bonfires with pictures of Irish heros, Irish flags, memorials to victims of the suicide epidemic (a direct result of the terror caused by the occupation) and statues of our blessed virgin Mary to demonstrate to the people of Ireland that they have nothing but contempt for them as humans and that the Irish people are powerless to do anything about it.

By marching through these neighborhoods chanting slogans such as we shot one we shot two we shot fourteen more than you, mocking the dead who were butchered on Bloody Sunday, or songs about marching through pools of Fenian blood they are waging a war of terror from below to complement the state terror imposed by the brits and are creating a climate where loyalist paramilitary violence is not only something that will occur but rather that it becomes normal and acceptable.

This violence and hatred against the Irish people plays into hands of the British state which then imposes itself as a so-called peacemaker creating the ultra right and then creating the myth of the two extremes which in a nut shell is to present the problem that on one hand you have the extremist loyalists and on the other hands you have the “dissident republicans” and if the brits left then they would kill each other, ignoring the fact that the hatred that the loyalists feel towards the Irish people is something that the orange state , which still exists today created and is a direct result of the political indoctrination imposed on loyalists since they are children. Also ignoring the fact that the only crime of the “dissident republicans” is to demand their hereditary right as a nation to determine their own destiny.
By imposing this false narrative the british state then creates the space where their brand of hatred is acceptable because at least it is not Willie Fraisor or UKIP and equating the violence of the loyalist paramilitaries whose goal is to kill as many civilians as possible by bombing the busiest pubs with no warning to the violence of the Irish Republican Army which only targets military targets and defends their community’s from the genocide that the brits are perpetrating through their political economic and military presence and through the loyalist paramilitaries
whom they arm with weapons and hit lists of republicans and other political people.

In this scenario our people who migrate to Ireland due to the fact that the British state in collusion with the IMF and others have destroyed our nation forcing a once proud people to be second class citizens
When we migrate their we are told we should be thankful to the brits for letting us in and turn a blind eye to the hatred that we suffer at the hands of these loyalist mobs. We are told to stop talking politics and if we do not like it to go back to Romania, a country destroyed by the same british state who now expects us to kiss their feet and be thankful for being cheap labor.
given this scenario what are we to do, is our nation who stood shoulder to shoulder with Qaddafi, Syria the Provos before they sold out and other non aligned nations, who produced gymnast like Nadia Comaneci be satisfied to be a nation of beggars and homeless people? Are we to be happy for these crumbs off the table or is there another solution? Earlier on I mention the myth of the two extremes and I mention the “dissident republicans” and now to understand the issue we must ask ourselves who are these dissidents, what are they dissenting about and what do they really believe in?

The “dissidents” uphold the ideals of Irish Republicanism a political movement born out of the age of enlightenment whose slogan was to build a republic of catholic protestant and dissenter. Citizenship is not based on blood or religion but rather based on ideas that those that uphold the values of the Irish republic are part of the republic, regardless of creed or blood quota
the principles of this republic are spelt out in the proclamation which guarantees the citizens of the republic basic human rights by virtue of being, as well as national rights such as control over the nations resources and wealth.The proclamation as a document gives birth to a new society which is governed by reason and science not superstition and war.

If we are to survive in Ireland our loyalty should not be to a monarch who destroyed our nation but rather to the Peoples whose land we are living on, the Irish people
and we must unify under the leadership of the progressive forces who are engaging in a nation building project, one where we will be welcome as equals and judge on what we contribute not by who we are.

With me I have the 32CSM constitution as well as the UN document. I ask that you take a second and read these documents and ask yourself what kind of person do you want to be? someone who is subjugated or an equal partner in a project that benefits us all
thank you for listening


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