Tent City Moved to Back of Victoria Park Political support needed

14 Jul

Today we were told to leave the park as Rib Fest is going on this weekend and despite the fact that the tent city is far enough from the rib fest to not cause problems, I guess the sight of poor people getting together and coming up with solutions may be offensive to those who can afford 13 dollars for a half pint.

This topic was first addressed yesterday and we were given the impression that the festival would be taking place through the whole park which is not the case which is why we were so accommodation yesterday and agreed to terms which under scrutiny does not hold up.

Despite this we are giving the City an olive branch, a token of good faith, we have moved the tent city all the way to the back of the park so we will not be in anyone’s way. What we are doing is demonstrating that poor people and those who have middle class values can co exist and occupy the same space without one group dominating and exploiting the other. By moving to the back of the park we are getting out of the way of the middle strata people and their activities and showing that we don’t need to be erased for them to have their festivities. In other words we are showing the city that the middle stratas need for housing does not have to be at the expense of the poor. At this point in time the city is deciding what to do we ask people to join us for dinner in the back of the park at 7 to show there is support, as well to take two seconds and call the city at 519-741-2345 and let them know how you feel. Time is of the essence and your support is crucial,


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