19 Jul

Tent City is up and going at a new secret location where we will consolidate our forces and launch revolutionary struggle in defense of our right to exist!!!!! This is despite the fact that police stopped and harassed a car of people moving tent city stuff, following them to tent city where bike cops were harassing people despite the fact that according to park people it was cleaner when we left then when we came and the city had no complaints on a weekend when they had ribfest and the place was packed.

This same sort of behavior is similar to earlier in the week when police arrested someone for a stolen bike despite the fact that the police had no serial number, the bike was the wrong type of bike and the name the officer said of the suspect did not match the person whom he arrested’s name.

Despite this type of harassment and attack from the forces of the state we were able to provide to over 60 people 2 meals a day as well to those that wanted to sleep a place where you could sleep without fear of being stabbed like what happened at a local drop in a few days ago and a place where a Marys place worker stated that tent city is safer then Marys place (a womans shelter) referring a woman to tent city by using those exact words with no help from city or unions or anyone.

We have created this space for ourselves we provide for ourselves we police ourselves and despite problems we are a blight on the face of the city because this tent city shows if we without anything can create such a space to house people how can the city with all its resources fail abysmally?

Tent City is up, we haven’t gone away you know , we will grow we will spread we will fight we will win because we don’t die me multiply!!!!!


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