Tent City At Sandhills Park will be evicted this evening, political support needed!!!!

19 Jul

This morning we were told by Kitchener By Law that we need to talk. After much running around I finally connected with Kitchener By Law and talking to the head of By Law it is quite clear that tonight we will be forced once again to move to another space only to be hunted down like dogs the next day by police and the powers that be.

Although the head of Bylaw was sympathetic it was quite clear that us going into any city park will lead to trespass tickets and removal. However as a sign of good faith bylaw is contacting the region to speed up peoples housing application we are meeting again at four to discuss this.

What we need at this point in time is a few days of breathing space to sort out a solution to our problem. We ask that people call bylaw and be firm but polite asking for this.

The homelessness crisis is not a creation of individuals but rather a systemic problem. We at Tent City did not create the homeless ,capitalism did. We are simply addressing a serious problem in our region. please call the number below and support.

(519) 741 2330

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