Tent City Moved please call city and ask them to stop the attacks on tent city

20 Jul

call 519 741 2330

Today the people at tent city were once again moved to a new location despite the support in the community where we were located from the neighbours who stated that despite whatever issues their maybe we keep the serious anti social elements like the pimps and such that usually go to that place away (When we moved to the location several bags of syringes and such were cleaned up by the clean up crew as well as home made weapons and a nice knife that i’m actually gonna keep).

Due to political pressure the city is in negotiations with us to work through peoples housing applications, speed them up and what not so we can get people into homes and then provide the support they need. In a show of good faith we have moved and have chosen a secret location instead of intensifying the struggle. We now ask that as a sign of good faith the city pull off the dogs for a few days so we can focus on these negotiations and get people into housing solving the problem for both us and the city. This cannot be done if we are always reacting to cops and they create an atmosphere of crisis and people involved are to busy moving stuff, walking to meetings and other such things.

We ask that the city, for the next three days follow a policy of you don’t look for us and we wont look for you. In other words give us the space we need to be able to participate in these negotiations and find a solution that benefits everyone. You want us out of the parks we want to get into housing, you say you want to solve the problems prove it and give us several days where we can focus on this important issue.

Tent city doesn’t just go away, because it is a problem created by the crisis of capitalism, people need tent city because shelters are much more dangerous and unsafe and sleeping together in a group we have the power to not be harrassed attacked or intimidated. We are not fighting for an abstract thought but rather for our right to exist and live in a house and not be treated like a bloody dog.

In conclusion we ask all our friends and allies to call and support. Prove your intentions of finding us housing are honourable give us what we need to solve this problem, breathing space.


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