Negotiations with City on finding housing for people at tent city moving forward

22 Jul

Today we met with people from the city to discuss a solution that benefits all. We handed over the list of names of people that we are asking to be given affordable housing and we are both moving forward on this issue. We hope to come to a conclusion to this situation in the next little bit and feel that these negotiations are of the utmost importance.

Yesterday their was a crisis created by rumour mongering and paranoia that distracted us from dealing with the situation as is. These rumours have been put to rest and we feel that the city is genuine in their dealings with us. We have set up clear lines of communications and in the future people should not believe what they here unless it comes from , on our side Myself Don or Jon, on the cities side Gloria Mac Neil. Rumours and scare tactics serve the powers that be and in the future we must act like true revolutionaries seeking truth from facts.

Tomorrow we will be at the farmers market in the morning collecting donations for our project and ask that people come and assist us and donate what they can.

2 Responses to “Negotiations with City on finding housing for people at tent city moving forward”

  1. AFairySoul July 23, 2016 at 3:22 am #

    I am happy to read that you are finally getting results.I got a very disturbing call at two o’clock in the morning,someone very dear to me asked permission to end their life.I said what.Can you please tell me why you want to end your life.Well, this person is being harassed by Police and is being evicted from his home on the 29th of July.He has 2 pets and can’t find reasonable accommodations and actually has been looking for a place other than the current dump,he is living in for months now.Is this what it has come down to for low-income people, they are just giving up on life.I am very upset since this happened,You see condos going up all over the city of Kitchener,and from what I see most are sitting empty.Something has to be done and FAST.I am not against foreigners coming to live in our country,but it irks me when they are getting preference over our own homeless people,or people struggling to pay rents for overpriced dumps.I am sorry to say this but I am ANGRY.VERY ANGRY.I just don;t know what to do or who to turn to for help,to help this person.I would let him live with me but I’m not allowed to let another person live with me and NO PETS,I signed a lease telling me I was not allowed to have a pet.I pay my rent but am dictated to on how I can live in the place I am paying for and at a very high rate as well.I really pray that the government does something soon it is critical we get affordable housing for the young and older folks in Kitchener.All I can say at this point thank heavens for Tent city and all you are trying to achieve.Many Blessings…

  2. seachranaidhe1 July 23, 2016 at 6:56 am #

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