Who Watches The Watchmen, On Rouge Police in Kitchener

27 Jul

They are still a rich mans police force they serve the rich mans state they’ll fucken charge the workers on the orders of the great they’ll use their fathers weapons to move against the free, ohh they’ll always be the RUC to me- C. Murphy

As those who are following my blog know we are currently in negotiations with the city, the region and By Law. We have had cordial discussion with By Law and these groups and the dialogue is clearly in everyone’s interest. Yet yesterday the police once again showed up to our new site where we moved with a measuring tape to see how far we were from the tracks etc and they called in a complaint to the city.

The city did not remove us as it is not in their interest to do so. Yet the police, which is suppose to be part of the judiciary and unbiased in political matters called in a complaint to the city. Furthermore upon further investigation individual officers have been calling complaints in to the city for a bit.

This is interesting for two reasons 1. The police falls under the jurisdiction of the region if the region is telling the cops to chill then whose orders are they following? Whom are they accountable to? Do they just do whatever they want and respond to no one? By definition this is a police force gone rouge. The second interesting thing is that the police is suppose to investigate complaints not file them particularly if it is a complaint of a political nature. Why is the police force not only acting in a bias manner but totally abusing the complaint system? After all they are their to investigate complaints not make them.

To add further fuel to the fire Brian Larkin the Chief of police just said that the police were not involved in Evictions of tent city in a response to a tweet by one Dan Keller from sound fm. This could mean two things, 1. That Brian Larkin thinks everyone is stupid and that whole neighborhoods don’t notice police harassing and evicting us or that Larkin has no control of his police force and his officers have gone rouge.

Since i like to give people the benefit of the doubt and I like to take people for their word when the cops show up to tent city or any of the tent city satellites it might be wise to advise everyone to ignore them as they are not following orders and if they attempt to remove us to place those officers under citizens arrest since they are responsible to no one and are doing what they want. Maybe we can move back to the old site as Larkin stated their was no police involvement for eviction and therefore the eviction does not exist. In any case the next visit from the police to our site will be interesting as for sure we will now ignore these rouge officers who are not even following the orders of their chief.


One Response to “Who Watches The Watchmen, On Rouge Police in Kitchener”

  1. Francis Dean July 28, 2016 at 5:05 am #

    Larkin does think everyone is stupid . I have questioned him on social media ,re ; the unlawful removal , violation of the C.F.S.A. section 72 (s) 6 , 7, 8, 9, violation of my son’s right to his own choices , and ASSAULT on my 13 year old son by W.R.P.S Sargent Gonclaves on July 08 . This bald headed prick put his hands on my son then watched his mother and 2 sisters manhandle him , even after being informed by my son that he gets abused , gets “pounded on ” to be exact , by his mother . Her reasoning before anyone wants to tread there is “so I will hate my dad “. And this is “in the best interests of the child ” or “child protection ” Contario has to offer ? Not to mention police coming to my door to question me , more than once on a pic I allegedly posted on fb as the Joker , burning a house down . Both times , June 03, July 24th they did not come with this picture , just on the word of an idiot . So when I went to the Frederick police station at almost midnight , showed this picture these idiots have obviously never have seen , ( it is a pic of Heath Ledger , a screen shot from the Dark Knight movie ) do you think they charged this idiot for all his harassment , or my son’s mother as on the July 24th incident , the police admitted on video that she and this dummy made a report together of my attempted arson. Funny thing , what started that fire I was informed was a dumaurier cigarette , and guess who smokes that brand ? I will not be dropping this to all the parties I mentioned are criminally charged .

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