Meeting With Region And City Very Promising

29 Jul

Today people from Tent City met with the Region and the city for the purpose of finding decent housing fit for human beings. The meeting started with all the people at the table stating why they were there. This was followed by a discussion about the problems people face when looking for housing and the dangers that people face inside shelters and why shelters are not solutions. Among those who have had life experience in shelters the consensus was that tent city was much much safer then shelters and that the shelter system as is clearly can not accommodate vulnerable individuals.

After a lengthy debate where people talked about safety concerns that poor people have about shelters etc. we were told that every name on our list for housing was inactive and as such their files need to be updated and made active, and that this is a first step to speeding up the process. It was stated to people and all agreed that the issue of housing these people could not drag on forever.

The region then handed us folders with the names of all the people we gave them that had the necessary paper work to update their files as active as well as to give these people emergency status. Another meeting was set up for Wednesday at 11am which would also include a welfare worker where these forms will be handed in and these individuals could meet one on one with the necessary people to put them into housing.l Until this issue is settled it was agreed that the policy towards tent city from the city of don’t go looking for us will continue as people have nowhere to go till they get into housing and the need for tent city still exists. We look forward to the meeting Wednesday and moving forward together to house people.


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