Urgent Call Brian Larkin and tell him to keep his goons in line

30 Jul

Chief Of Police- Bryan Larkin
(519) 650-8500 ext. 8700 | bryan.larkin@wrps.on.ca
please leave a msg as it is quite rare that a human answers any number for any of the police bureaucrats.

Today police have called in complaints to the City and bylaw to try to force us out of the place where we are currently set up. Furthermore police that should be under his control are currently preparing to evict us if we do not leave the area where we are now. These actions are in sharp contrast to the tweet he sent earlier stating that police are not involved in evictions of tent city.

Furthermore this action of police agents which are suppose to be under his control are sabotaging our negotiations which we currently are engaged in with the region to solve the current issue by addressing the root issue which is that people have no place to live. The more time we spend dealing with this bullshit the less time we have to spend preparing for Wednesdays meeting to get the people into housing. If the tent city so bothers the police then they should back off and allow us to get people into housing so that there will be no need for people to be at tent city.

As such we are asking people to call Larkin and tell him in a polite but firm way to back off and keep his goons in line


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