Queens Birthday in Kitchener disrupted in Solidarity with Irish Republicans and the Craigavon Two

13 Aug

14034851_332582033797640_7972663572289370255_nToday the Queens Birthday was disrupted several times in Kitchener in solidarity with those Irish people in the North of Ireland living under british occupation, The Craigavon Two who are unjustly imprisoned and the Irish Republican POWS in Maghaberry who are currently facing an escalation of violence at the hands of sectarian screws and pro british governors. The event was thrown by the Conservative Party and those in attendance represented a whose whose of the most reactionary right wing monarchist demagogues in current political scene.

One Response to “Queens Birthday in Kitchener disrupted in Solidarity with Irish Republicans and the Craigavon Two”

  1. waterlooregionadvocate September 4, 2016 at 9:08 pm #

    “most reactionary, right wing monarchist demagogues”. I just had to comment Julian before Doug does. O.K. after thinking about those words carefully I agree with you. The problem is that Queen Elizabeth is a 90?? year old symbol of stability and all the good things British hence interrupting her local Birthday Party is almost like criticizing motherhood and apple pie. There are many wonderful things about England/Great Britain if you can hold your nose regarding the historical treatment of “foreigners” by the British “upper class” and their governments. In England the “upper classes” are as much about name, title, ancestry, money although the American “upper classes” tend to be more focused on money and hence are a little more heterogeneous. I have a British (very) friend in Kitchener and he is the first to crap on the English “upper classes”. I think he calls them arrogant, inbred toffs”?? My background is English/Scottish hence half of me loves the Brits and the other half would like to see England continue to decline on the world stage. British behaviour and actions were exemplary in World War Two and generally horrible in Africa, India and other British colonies around the world.

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