Last weeks commemoration for Florica Batu Ichim, 6 years later we still miss you mom!!!!

20 Sep

Last week people from the downtown community and friends got together to remember Florica Batu Ichim at Mount Hope Cemetery. Six years after her death her loss is still raw, and the loss of Florica Batu Ichim still deeply impacts the community. People who came together to commemorate and remember her told stories of how she helped them and amazing things that she did.

Despite the fact that she did not identify as a socialist, she did more for the rights of the people in the downtown east end then 1000 Marxists/anarcho blabbermouths. The fact that she did this because of her sense of right and wrong as opposed to an ideology made her stands more just because she wasn’t fighting to win a final victory but rather she fought because injustice existed and in her frame work the fact that injustice may not ever be abolished is not a reason to not fight injustice, because to her its simple existence necessitated that some one take a stand.

At the end of the event and when all the story telling was done it was quite clear to all why we remember her and why six years later her death is still a great loss.


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