Actions Across Canada on Saturday Demanding Justice For the Craigavon Two

28 Sep

14448847_10157499895570611_6386134726980989114_n1On Saturday September 24th people in Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Toronto, Edmonton, and Fredericton took to the streets demanding Justice for the Craigavon Two. Vancouver will be hosting a discussion as part of this day of action on Oct. 5th and Montreal will be hosting an action on Friday.

In Kitchener people handed out flyers with a statement in support of the Craigavon Two which was followed by a banner drop inside the farmers market proper, which thousands of shoppers saw until we were removed by security.

In Toronto Police, RCMP, Consulate security and others went quite overboard harassing and intimidating myself and another comrade who was on the College Street entrance of the consulate. Their hatred of myself and my comrade was quite useful as they focused all their wrath on us that they ignored the other comrades many undocumented at the bay street entrance handing out flyers. When we started to leave to join them we were followed so we started handing out flyers at Younge and College only to have idiot security that works at the consulate blocking our sighn and trying to tell us that handing out literature on the side walk was illegal. They called the cops which was fine as we only spoke to them ten minutes ago and they were told to call 911. We continued to hand out flyers and they called 911 and such and we didnt really care. This day of action showed our capacity to plan actions around issues facing Irish Republicans from coast to coast as well as our ability to trick security and do what we need to do in the face of state repression


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