No Bloody Poppies!!!!!No Hierarchy of Death!!!!!

11 Nov

15036275_1618002218505174_8157274493346302177_nToday members of Anti Colonial Working Group took a stand against the glorification of the Anglo Imperialist Alliance’s military machinery by attending today’s so called remembrance day ceremony with a banner that stated “Remember All The Victims of Imperialist War”. During this time of intensified attacks on Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the ALBA nations of Latin America it is quite important to reject the hierarchy of death promoted by today’s ceremony and the idea put forward by the imperialists of deserving vs undeserving deaths.

It is also quite important to take this stand and call a spade a spade. The troops that died in all the conflicts that KKKanada has been involved in have never died to protect our freedom as KKKanada has never been attacked by anyone other then the United States in the war of 1812 and all the conflicts that KKKanada has participated in since then have been wars of aggression and occupation from the wars of extermination of indigenous people to the current conflict in Afghanistan it is quite clear that KKKanada is the aggressor and as settlers who live on this territory it is our obligation to say that we not only do not support these wars of imperialist aggression but are actively seeking the defeat of the imperialist powers including KKKanada and support the victories of the oppressed of the world who are throwing off the shackles of imperialist war and occupation.


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