Info Picket to Free Tony Taylor a success.

14 Nov

14980754_1618982421740487_2042554172299153823_nThis Saturday member of Anti Colonial Working Group went to the Farmers Market in Downtown Kitchener to hand out flyers and drop banners demanding that the british state release Tony Taylor. This is the second time this week that members of Anti Colonial Working Group took to the streets around this cause due to the fact that Tony Taylor, Irish Republican Prisoner who is interned in Maghaberry without charge) is now denied visits from his family.

The flyers,which were a call to action for a phone jam of the British Consulate with the demand that they Free Tony Taylor, were well received and we had to leave early because we ran out of flyers. People were really receptive to the idea of a phone jam and when we talked to people about the need for a organized campaign to Free Tony Taylor many people were not only interested but actually gave is their numbers and emails so that they can be contacted for meetings etc.

This flyering was followed by banner drops which were well received some that are still up as I write this.

Anti Colonial Working Group will continue to fight for the freedom of Tony Taylor, the Craigavon Two and all Irish Republican Prisoners and in the case of Tony Taylor is planning sit ins and occupations of british consulates across the country as well a well coordinated campaign of protest and disruption of british economic interests until he is free!!!!!!


3 Responses to “Info Picket to Free Tony Taylor a success.”

  1. doug November 17, 2016 at 3:04 am #

    Tony is a criminal and he is right where he belongs now….behind bars!

  2. waterlooregionadvocate November 18, 2016 at 7:17 pm #

    Criminal? The British system of justice has as many mentally ill persons, political dissidents and wrongly convicted individuals behind bars as they do criminals. Here in Canada the list of wrongfully convicted continues to grow. Think of Milgaard, Morin, Marshall, Mullins, Baltevich, Truscott and many, many more.

    • doug November 19, 2016 at 1:45 am #

      Taylor likes to blow people up,the dummy nearly blew himself up once .lol.Yes I believe he is a criminal,and of course everyone locked up always claims to be innocent.

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