32CSM Ar Fhies International Statements

8 Dec

Anti Colonial Working Group

Anti Colonial Working Group sends revolutionary greetings to the 32CSM
its leadership supporters and all whom are gathered here at this Ar
Fhies. We are truly saddened that we could not be their in person to
participate in this glorious occasion and once more see with our own
eyes the reality and brutality of a partitioned and occupied nation,
as well as the heroism and courage of those whom in spite of this
refuse to be intimidated and broken.

We commend the bravery of those at this ar fhies whom are continuing
to engage in political struggle despite all the dirty tricks of the
British state aimed to further demoralize criminalize and fracture the
Republican movement as well as the courage to uphold the principles of
self determination sovereignty and social justice in the current
climate. We stand with you in defense of your right to determine your
own destiny as well as defend the principle set out in the
proclamation, principles that are not for sale, nor are up for

Here in so called canada, occupied native land we of anti colonialist
working group have been working hard to consolidate our political work
as well as expand. Our political consolidation is quite important as
it is quite clear that if we are to create a new society we must first
have a revolutionary organization of cadre,trained political
revolutionaries who live and breathe revolution. As such we are
focusing on creating a school of political and ideological training
aimed at creating cadre, the backbone of any revolutionary movement
with a focus on political and ideological training, social
investigation and urban organizing.

Over the next year we look forward to continuing our friendship and
solidarity as well as intensify our political pressure on the brits as
well as launching campaigns of economic disruption to show the brits
that there are consequences for their action and even here across the
pond their crimes will be opposed.

Victory will belong to us
TAL 32

Human Rights Defenders Group in Palestine
We are in Human Rights Defenders group in Palestine support all your
work in the 32 CSM and we were had the chance to met some of your
comrades when they met with our commander Badee Dwaik who was making
speak tour in Canada . We appreciate all the work and resistance you
do for Palestine such as the BDS movement,the political prisoners in
Israeli jails .and we get close from the global day for political
prisoners on 12 of December and we start working to have the first
conference for this day and we are working to the Palestinian
prisoners day on 17th of April 2017. We believe injustice global
existed every where in the and world and we should be untitled in
global resistance against the injustice in the world . We wish the
sucsseful to your congress meeting and hope that you achieve the goals
you target in this congress. We believe hand by hand we will make the
human victory against the injustice and occupation. I hope to meet you
one day

Badee Dwaik in behalf of Human Rights Defenders Group

Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front

Comrades and friends the Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front wishes the
32CSM success at you Ar Fhies and we hope that this congress will
assist you in moving forward to establishing a unified 32 county
socialist republic. As you may know over the last year the right wing,
funded and supported by the CIA and their lackeys have been winning
serious victories in Latin America. From the coup against Dilma in
Brazil, to the armed invasion by right wing police forces of the MST
school which has housed militants from our organization and your
affiliate organization, to the right wing victory in Venezuela of the
so called opposition the last year has seen many of our victorys come
under attack
In response to these attacks which are not peaceful protests but
rather terrorist attacks drenched in the literal
blood of students and
workers the Bolivarian Revolution has been fighting back by organizing
neighbourhood to neighbourhood, block to block to defend what we have
won and consolidate this.
As you are currently fighting for your sovereignty and independence so
to are we fighting for our right to determine our own destiny free
from the boot of the yankee imperialist off of our face
and in this moment we ask you and all freedom loving people to stand
with us as we say no to these attacks and fight back to determine our
own destiny and maintain our sovereignty and socialism. We thank you
for the friendship you have shown us over the last year and look
forward to working with you hand in hand as we move forward to show
not only that another world is possible but necessary

Indigenous Peoples Liberation Party

Greetings from occupied indigenous land,

The Indigenous people of the western hemisphere, who for 500 years
have been struggling against colonial occupation and capitalism send
our most sincere and heartfelt greetings to our brothers in occupied
Ireland. Our struggles have always been intertwined, from the great
Choctaw people sending food support while Irish woman were starving,
to the brave Irish soldiers who volunteered to fight for Simon Bolivar
and The Mexican army against Yankee imperialism. Our people have shed
our own blood for each other in every major conflict we have face. So,
in the age of Donald Trump and the rise global Fascism and right wing
extremism, let us renew our blood oath to each other. As long as one
Irishman is enslaved there can be no indigenous liberation.
Congratulations and best wishes on your congress.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre
Hoka hay


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