32CSM Unbroken Resistance Vancouver Simon Fraser University Conference on Genocide,

18 Dec

Myself and our Filipino comrade presenting to the conference on Genocide at Simon Fraser University. Below is the speech I read on behalf of the 32CSM

Myself and our Filipino comrade presenting to the conference on Genocide at Simon Fraser University. Below is the speech I read on behalf of the 32CSM

Comrades and friends I thank you for inviting me to come and present to you on this conference on genocide. Before i really get into things I would like to say that the sentiments of the moderator of this panel, that the term genocide is a term used by the imperialists
to create a false dichotomy between deserving dead and undeserving dead and that if you fall under the category of the latter not only is the violence of the imperialists justified
but to oppose it makes one a monster
So for example when the imperialists mass murder people with carpet bombs in Yugoslavia to stop the so called genocide of the Kosovarians this use of violence is acceptable but when the Irish people use force to stop the colonialist violence of the state that has been murdering torturing and occupying them for the last 800 years they are blood thirsty,psychopaths etc. In other words like so many other words in the imperialist arsenal
like for example the word terrorist the word genocide is currently used as a form of psychological warfare to shut down discussion and rationalize state violence while at the same time condemn those who legitimately are resisting occupation
In terms of the Irish Struggle which is what I am hear to talk to you about today these false dichotomies are the bread and butter of the british occupiers
for example the media will tell us that the Good Friday Agreement has brought peace to Ireland and everyone is now happy and everything is great yet if you mention the fact that there are well over 100 Irish Republicans in jail today for political crimes
one is told that these people are not political prisoners
but rather are dissidents who are the enemies of peace and as such any use of state force against them is rationalized and justified
if one asks why the police patrol the streets in armored cars harassing youth stopping and searching them beating them and doing all sorts of atrocities if their is peace
one is told that this is necessary to stop these so called dissidents from dragging us into the past.
When one points out that Conal Corbet an ex Irish POW who ended up in Maghaberry, one of the worst prisons in Ireland at the tender age of 18 cant leave his house without being stopped and searched in public, or that the Craigavon Two are doing life sentences for a crime they did not commit sentenced by a diplock court on secret evidence
despite the fact that all the evidence points to the fact that they are framed
one is again told that they are dissidents and that this is the price of peace.
so like the word genocide, peace is now a word that the imperialists use to impose their will
because the peace that they are talking about is not a just peace but rather the peace of the grave
because without sovereignty without the right to determine your own destiny words like peace and genocide are meaningless
so let us talk about Ireland not in terms of the imperialists but rather in our own terms so as we can have an understanding of what the real issues are rather then fall into the trap of having to rationalize and explain ourselves to those who for the sake of peace have no problem dropping two nuclear bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki
The history of Ireland since 1916 to present is a history of resistance, struggle, betrayal resistance.
and the spirit that gave birth to the provisional movement after the betrayal of the Originals has come full circle with the creation of the 32CSM after the leadership of the provisional movement not only left the people of Ireland open to attacks from loyalists but themselves have become
the repressive force that they once resisted
The Good Friday Agreement, a framework that the imperialists are promoting everywhere now, ignores the key fundamental issue about the conflict in Ireland which is the fundamental right of the Irish people as a nation to determine their own destiny
article 2 of the GFA is quite clear, the price of peace in the North of Ireland is that the Irish people must give up any territorial claims to the North, accept British rule and in return the British people would not unleash a horrible war and escalation
in other words the Brits would allow the Irish people to speak their language, have their culture and any other crumbs off the table as long as the key issue of the conflict, Irish Sovereignty is sacrificed
and if this is not acceptable to the Irish people then they are the problem and they are the enemies of peace
Partition, Loyalist racist intimidation marches through Irish neighborhoods, Loyalist veto on all decisions in regards to the politics of Ireland and a British Police force are all entrenched in the GFA
and when the provisional movement signed this so called peace agreement they not only turned their back on the struggle but to agreed to be the enforcers of this agreement and as was the case with the freestaters that turned their guns on their former comrades to prove their loyalty to their British masters, the provisional movement was asked to do the same and did so willingly.
Through a campaign of collusion with loyalist forces documented in boston college tapes the leadership of the provisional movement gave names of their comrades who would disagree with these treasonous terms to the British Death Squads for the purpose of execution
places like south armagh were especially targeted in what the UVF called bombing for peace
not only did they participate in this but in many cases they themselves used force violence and intimidation, including murder in the case Jo Jo O Connor
to push this forward.
doing the dirty work of the british
This did not stop their though after joining the police board they turned on their former comrades using the tools and apparatus of the British state to imprison and torture their former comrades
Marian Price, Martin Corey, Christine Conner, The Craigavon Two and Tony Taylor is just a few names of Irish Republicans interned in many cases without trial by their former comrades and in the few cases like the Craigavon two where there was a trail these cases were tried in diplock courts, with secret evidence, most of which was fabricated and easily refuted,with predetermined verdicts
in this political framework those members of SF who wanted to address the issue of sovereignty created a committee within SF to study the issue of sovereignty only to be expelled. This committee, the 32 County Sovereignty Committee, later turned into the 32 County Sovereignty Movement
unified by one issue and one issue only, that of Irish Sovereignty, the 32CSM picked up where the provisionals left off before the betrayal of the GFA
and launched an alternative to the GFA, their submission to the UN which clearly highlighted how the GFA was in violation of International Law
The imperialist forces responded to this by declaring the 32CSM a terrorist organization in the US
criminalizing their attempt to get justice in the international area by criminalizing even their attempts to address the UN
Almost two decades after this agreement was signed interment is alive and well, loyalists in the name of culture march through ardoyne and other irish communities chanting racist slurs and a british police force still interns and intimidates any who will speak out
despite this the 32CSM remains strong and defiant refusing to accept British Rule and occupation and still carries on the 800 year tradition of resistance.
I would like to close by asking people to investigate these issues for themselves, to read about craigavon two and other Irish Prisoners, examine the GFA for yourself, seek truth from facts and once you see what is going on speak out let people know what is going on and not be silent in the face these injustices that result from the occupation
read the 32CSM submission to the UN and support a true peace based on justice and self determination
thank you for your time.

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