Region’s Chair office occupied demanding housing fit for human beings be provided to the poor as opposed to jail cells a success as we will meet with regions chair on housing on 28th to create alternatives.

23 Dec

Occupation inside Region of Waterloo Chair Ken Seiling's office

Occupation inside Region of Waterloo Chair Ken Seiling’s office

15590829_10154796347419795_6538589095234741141_oOn Wednesday the office of the region’s chair, Ken Seiling was occupied to demand an end to criminalization of poor people by forcing them to have to choose between freezing to death on the streets or spend the night in police cells as well as in solidarity with our comrades in Dublin whom are currently taking a stand at the Apollo in defense of their right to housing.

Once the occupation got under way we presented our demand to talk to someone whom has the power to create alternatives to jail cells as housing to the poor, We were then met by the region’s housing chair to discuss the humiliation poor people must face to be locked up in police cells with criminals and to be treated like a criminal simply for not wanting to freeze to death in the streets.

To our surprise the Region’s Chair on housing was unaware of the directives that social agencies have been giving to poor people, mainly to go to the police station and sleep in jail cells. She said that this goes against the mission statement of the region in terms of housing and as such shelters in the area could not being doing this. When we showed her the evidence it was quite clear that their is a huge gap between what the region says they stand for and what those in leadership believe is policy and what actually really happens on the ground.

After more discussion we made it clear that housing poor people in jail cells is unacceptable and solutions to this must be found.On Dec. 28th at 10 pm at the Regional Building we will be meeting with the regions chair on housing as well as city staff to create alternatives that deal with the actual housing crisis.


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