Our alternative to housing poor people in jail cells that we will present to the Region’s Chair on Housing on Dec.28th

27 Dec

On Dec. 28th we will be meeting with the Region’s Chair of housing to discuss alternatives to housing homeless people in the police jail cells, locking them up for the night with safety checks, which pretty much is how criminals are treated.

At this meeting we will be putting forward two demands that will solve this issue.

1. Build a shelter that has an equal or higher amount of beds then the amount of beds that have been lost with the closing of the Out of the Cold program. This shelter will be temporary in the sense that it will take the place of Out of the Cold and once people are in this shelter they will be given emergency assistance from social workers to get into affordable housing

2. That if their are no beds available at the shelter they be directed to the emergency motel program, which according to the Region’s Chair on Housing is what shelter workers are suppose to do. Further according to the Chair on housing this program has enough beds to house everyone so their is no need for anyone to be sent to jail to spend the night.

This meeting will take place at 10 am in the Regional Building and observers etc are welcome.

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