Phone Jam Ken Seiling and the Region this Tuesday and demand real solutions for poor not jail!!!!

15 Jan

Tuesday Jan 17th 8am to 5 pm

519 575 4585

The Region is currently using police lock up to deal with the housing crisis, by jailing the homeless overnight, cpicing them (running their names for minor offences such as being out past curfew), strip searching them locking them up for the night with criminals despite the fact that their is money in the budget to house these people in motels.

We have met with representatives of the region and are putting forward two demands
1. That the locking up of poor people stop immediately and these people who are sent to spend the night in police stations be given the a overnight stay at a motel (that is why their is money allotted to this in the budget and

2.That an emergency shelter be set up with the equivalent numbers of bed that were lost with the closing of the out of the cold and a housing worker be on site to assist people to get into affordable housing and keep it.

On the 17th we ask people to call Ken Seilings office all day and state that you support these demands.



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