Speech given at opening of 32CSM International office in Kitchener

18 Jan

Discussing politics at the new office

Discussing politics at the new office

Comrades and friends… we are here today to launch an office for the international department of the 32 county sovereignty movement. From this office, we aim to establish fraternal and diplomatic ties with all nations and movements that are struggling for justice, freedom and self determination. We plan to build strong ties based on the notions of solidarity and reciprocity. And through these ties we aim to dismantle and smash both partition and the british occupation of Ireland.

For us, this is quite a historical moment as we refuse to allow the Brits to silence our message and let the whole world know what is really happening in the occupied six counties. From this office we will organize campaigns both across this country and internationally with the firm goals of letting people know that in British occupied Ireland, internment is still an everyday fact of life. Political policing is a reality. Through the drug gangs the British government is murdering Republicans in the streets. All this stems from the theft of the sovereignty of the Irish people. The 32CSM was founded on one point and one point only; and that point is sovereignty. This sovereignty can only be expressed when the British leave Ireland and allow the Irish people to determine their own destiny. We stand here today defending the sovereignty by creating a space where we, the 32CSM will use to break the wall of silence around the occupation and unify in common cause with all those who seek the same goals as us. What we mean by that are republican goals outlined in the proclamation which clearly states that the people of Ireland have the right to control Ireland politically as well as to enjoy its resources.

Many times Cummans take on the names of heroes and martyrs. We have decided to name this office 32CSM International Office Ryan/Sa’daat. We all know who Alan Ryan is and what his legacy is. We also know who Vinnie Ryan is and what he has contributed to the cause. We uphold the Ryans as shining examples of what Republicans must be and what we must aim to be like. Ahmed Sa’daat is a Palestinian prisoner currently on hunger strike to protest his administrative detention. What these people stood for is defense of the community and refusal of the occupation, and what we aim to uphold. Thank you very much for coming.


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