32CSM event in Kitchener in Defense of Latin America well received.

24 Jan

Myself speaking on behalf of the 32CSM and the Venezuelan Consul General.

Myself speaking on behalf of the 32CSM and the Venezuelan Consul General.

This past Saturday the 32CSM co hosted an event with the Venezuelan Consulate called In Defense of Latin America. The event started with a welcome and food prepared by members of the local Salvadorean community was served.

The event then continued with a speaker from the 32CSM International Department talking about the necessity of upholding international principles in regards to national self determination and condemned the US intervention in Latin America, as well as the hypocrisy of Britain condemning Venezuela for human rights violations when they are occupying Ireland and are currently responsible for imprisoning and torturing over 100 Republican POWS in in the North as well as in the South. The event then continued with the Venezuelan Consul General speaking about the current US attacks internationally, the need to uphold international principle of national sovereignty which the US is currently violating by attempts at regime change and such. The event continued with a comrade reading a letter from an ex Irish POW talking about the conditions of the occupation as well as the struggles of Irish Republican prisoners. This was followed by a statement read by the Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front expressing solidarity with the 32CSM and the necessity of us all to unite internationally to smash the Anglo American colonialist system and win freedom from Belfast to Palestine.

This was followed by a cultural part of the evening where a Salvadorean woman read from the poetry of Ramon Portillio a recently deceased comrade of ours who went with us to Venezuelan in 2005. This was followed by more poetry from Sunday Poetry, World Poets for Peace and many others.

This event was quite important in the sense that it demonstrated the unity of revolutionary movements in defense of Latin America and the necessity of solidarity by those forces trying to expel yankee imperialism from Latin America, and those trying to kick of the british occupational force in Ireland


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