Ex Irish POW addressing 32CSM meeting in Defense of Latin America

24 Jan

Our Comrade reading statement at our public meeting from an ex Irish POW

Our Comrade reading statement at our public meeting from an ex Irish POW

I want to start off by thanking you all for giving me the honour of
addressing you at this convention. I am an ex Irish Republican
Prisoner Of War of the British/English imperial state. I was very
brutally tortured and horrifically treated by the Brits and their
lackeys in gaol in the Occupied 6 Counties of the North East of
Ireland that they have the cheek to call “Northern Ireland”. The
Republican resistance in the 6 Counties today gets very little if any
coverage whatsoever and it has been this way since 1998 after the Good
Friday Agreement that has further split Ireland in two and was infact
the greatest defeat suffered by Irish Rebels since the year 1603, when
Hugh O’ Neill was forced to surrender to the English at the end of the
Nine Years War of War of the Three Hughs (1592-1603/1604).

Despite this terrible defeat and surrender in the year 1998,
Provisional Sinn Fein or just Sinn Fein painted the defeat as a great
victory and told people that this is what they were fighting, killing
and dying for during the whole of the Long War (1968-1998). Many of
infact most of those men who had fought in the war and ex POW’s who
got out of gaol were just simply abandoned by the leadership of Gerry
Adams, Martin Mac Guinness and others who were far more concerned with
furthering their own wealth and political ambitions rather than
securing freedom, justice and national liberation for their land and
people. Anyone who spoke out before or after the sell out, surrender
and defeat of 1998 were attacked, beaten, with their families and
loved ones terrorised by the traitors and collaborators of Sinn Fein
and the Provisional IRA. Some where even murdered for defying the
Provo leadership and the Provos regularly informed on Republican
resistance activists also a policy that has just sky rocketed since
2007 when they recognised the Brit police in the 6 Counties as their
own police force. Many Republican activists have been imprisoned on
information provided by Sinn Fein and their supporters also.

I was in Maigh gCaibre (Maghaberry) Prison or POW camp for almost 7
years and in that time I and my comrades whose only crime was love of
Ireland and loyalty to the Republic that was declared in 1916,
reaffirmed with mass public support at the general election of 1918,
re-declared in 1919 and 1922 were treated with extreme brutality and
psychological and physical torture and abuse. We were driven onto
several protests very similar to the protests that occurred in the H
Blocks and other gaols in Ireland and England in the 1970s, 1980s and
1990s by Republican POW’s back then during the Long War. The 2 biggest
and most determined protests during my time inside happened in 2010
which lasted 4 and a half months and 2011-2012 which lasted 19 months
in all. And between that time there were numerous smaller protests
going on and even after the 2012 period. So you could say I was on
protest for over 3 years. During the 2 protests we were locked up over
23 hours a day and we also engaged in Dirty Protests at the same time.
We also grew our hair and beards at these times to show all who saw us
what we had been driven too by Brit war crimes and torture.

During our time on protest no media covered what was happening with us
or the brutality we had been put through. After the 2010 protest when
we all signed up to the Roe House or August Agreement in which we as
POW’s would be treated with respect and would never be strip searched
and controlled movement on the landings would be phased out. As well
as that we would have more time out in the yards and more freedom of
movement. But the Brit media did cover the agreement that we signed
that ended the 2010 protest and that was soon to be broke by the Brits
within a few months. The reason that the Brits agreed to and signed
the August Agreement of 2010 was because word had got out to the
Nationalist Catholic people outside of what was happening to us and
there was great anger and tension on the streets of the towns and
cities across the 6 Counties and in the countryside about what was
happening and with a major loyalist pro Brit orange march to take
place in the very Nationalist and Catholic city of Derry the Brits
knew that major riots were about to erupt in Derry that would have
swept across the 6 Counties the same as in 1920-1923, 1925-1927, 1929,
1931, 1932-1933, 1935, 1938-1939, 1942, 1946, 1950s, 1967-1968,
1969-1975, 1980-1981 nearly all of which were during armed rebellions
and revolution against Brit rule in the 6 Counties.

And it was only to avoid these similar events occurring again that the
Brits signed up to the August Agreement of 2010. But like all
agreements and treaties that they have signed with the Irish Nation
and people in the past they could not wait to break it, and break it
they did. Within weeks of the Agreement being signed they broke it
apart piece by piece. They waited til POWs were out at court which to
go there they have to of course be brought out of the gaol to attend
court in person. Now usually this is done through video link but for
actual trials and cases the POWs are made attend. The strip searching
in the 2010-2011 period after the protest was brutal and horrific in
the extreme.

Teams of up to 6 men would come at you in a cell dressed up in full
riot gear, body armour and riots shields. They would attack you and
pin you into a corner, 1 each would grab each of your arms and put
your wrists into a kind of painful lock and just slam you on the floor
of the cell. The riot squad members holding your arms would then twist
your arms back in an extremely painful way and you would also to
pinned to the ground by 2 other team members. One of them of course
would be holding a camera videoing the entire thing. Now when your
lawyers and even judges were to go looking for these video tapes they
would be missing or wiped. Thus no evidence was or is found. After
putting you in these very painful arm and wrist locks with you on the
ground sometimes screaming in pain they would start to remove your
clothes bit by bit. And it was a very painful and humiliating
experience each and every time it happened.

As you are on the ground and they are removing the top half of your
clothing one of the squad puts his full weight by kneeling on your
head, while later another will sometimes stand on your back and pelvis
while your still pinned to the ground. They sometimes also used
pressure points to force your mouth and jaws open which you were
always unable to stop, prevent or resist. But you resisted as best you
could. The riot squad also used shields to beat men into submission
and it has left it’s mental scares on men and me also.

It was only with the killing of the war criminal David Black in
November 2012 that the Brit regime and their collaborationist puppets
in the 26 Counties that have the cheek to call themselves a Republic
and especially the “Republic of Ireland” that media which is widely
censored over here across Ireland that the plight of POWs was able to
come to light. Sinn Fein during all these years did nothing to help
out POWs or their families despite the fact that they used all their
power and influence to censor what was happening to us in the local
Nationalist papers across the 6 Counties and into the 26 Counties
also. They even went so far as to say that we were not Political
Prisoners, that we were not Republicans as there were no Republican
Prisoners or POWs according to them and that we were only criminals
who did all the brutality and torture to ourselves. One Sinn Fein
politician even went so far as to tell Republican POWs that if he knew
who had killed Ronan Kerr who was a Catholic Brit policeman he would
inform on them to the cops as they as his police. Sinn Fein has infact
copied the Conservative Party line and rhetoric with regards to
Republicans who do not agree with their sell out of National
Sovereignty and Independence. As they sit in the Brit puppet assembly
at Stormont just outside of Belfast they can’t even get an Irish
language or Gaelic act through because of unionist loyalist orange

Sinn Fein’s recent actions are only done because they have been losing
far too much ground among their voters who see nothing progressive and
no protection for themselves. The Provos also allowed drug dealers to
swamp areas in drugs and they have now allowed the Brits to do to the
Irish what the CIA, FBI and US federal government has done to the
black community. They have destroyed their areas and communities by
drugs or aiding it as it helps them keep control or the appearance of
it anyway.

The brutality of POWs does not begin and end with the beatings and
strip searches. Screws have been caught planting fake evidence in POWs
cells as in the case of Breandan Mac Conmhaoil (Brendan Mac Conville)
in 2009. This was later exposed as a set up and the screw who planted
it was allowed to retire with full benefits and he was never charged
or prosecuted. Sinn Fein, the SDLP and the Catholic Church remained
quiet and tight lipped about the whole affair. What was planted in the
cell was the address and car registration of a prison governor who had
come over from England to reform the brutal practises going on at the
gaol and the gaol staff wanted rid of him. This governor off course
left Ireland never to return.

When we were ever on protest we were locked in our cells for over 23
hours a day and we were reduced to ration portions for gaol food and
my own stomach actually shrank as a result. So we were all going
about like human ghosts and skeletons with long hair and beards all
the while when we reached out for help we were rejected at every turn
especially by the Catholic Church the leadership of which knew our
position well. His name was Cardinal Sean Brady and he was as pro Brit
a traitor that you could get. They are off course backed up and
encouraged by the so called Irish government or Free State regime to
us Republicans.

They came about during a coup in 1922. It was in the middle of a truce
during an intense and very bloody war of independence that a junta
formed among pro Brit elements in the Republican Government called
Dail Eireann. It was only 6 men strong but it had a lot of influence.
This was just after the disastrous Treaty of Surrender in 1921-1922
had been signed and many who saw victory on the horizon for the IRA
and Republican forces were enraged and gearing up for a civil war on
one front and a war of independence on the other. The junta provoked
and ignited a terrible, bitter and bloody Civil War that raged from
1922-1923 and on to 1924 in the gaols and POW camps and even onto 1929
in many parts of the new state.

The so called Irish government in the 26 Counties that has the cheek
to call itself a Republic has done more than anyone. Each and every
time that an armed rising, campaign or resistance has ever been used
to reunify the country they have always stabbed every Revolutionary
army or force in the back by mass internment without trial, raiding
homes of fighters and activists and their family homes also,
persecuting anyone who is in any way supportive of the progressive
forces. This or these actions by the Irish or Free State government
and regime have been going on since 1922 and all to help and maintain
the status quo in a forcefully divided country and nation.

Honoured delegates and comrades, Ireland today is a nation divided
against it’s own will and against it’s own interests. The Free State
regime are no more than what the Vichy regime was to the Nazis from
1940-1944. But the Free State regime in Ireland has been in existence
since 1922 and only came about because of a secret coup and was run by
a small junta for the early years of it’s existence. The similarities
between Free State Ireland which cover most of the country and Vichy
France are almost a complete copy. Vichy persecuted anyone and
condemned all those as traitors who were proud to be French and who
wanted the Nazis gone from the occupied north of France. They even
executed scores of Resistance fighters and activists just like the
Free State continues to terrorise those who want the north of Ireland
liberated and in the past have executed, murdered and even handed
activists and fighters over to the Brits to be given an unfair trial
and imprisonment by them.

Just even now after this conference comrades maybe even look up Vichy
France and it’s crimes of 1940-1944 and you will see a complete
reflection of what is going on in the 26 Counties of Ireland and the
way the Free State regime deals with all and any opposition. Even
watch the new film Atlantic by film maker Risteard O Domhnaill and you
will see poor Irish Fishermen being arrested, fined and persecuted by
the Free State regime who are more loyal to the EU than there own
people and citizens. All of which brings me to the case of the
Craigavon 2 and Tony Taylor. The Craigavon 2 whose names are John Paul
Wootton and Brendan Mac Conville are too innocent men who have been
arrested and wrongfully convicted of something they did not do. The 2
men are the modern form of the Guildford 4, Maguire 7 and Birmingham 6
all of who were innocent Irish citizens and people who were wrongfully
convicted in England in the 1970s of actions they did not commit.

And just as now regarding the Craigavon 2 and Tony Taylor the Free
State regime continues to violate it’s responsibilities to Irish
citizens to make sure that they have a fair trial and that there is no
legal treachery. But as with the legal campaigns for the Guildford 4,
Maguire 7 and Birmingham 6 the Free State regime would rather face
collapse than stand up to the Brits for Irish Human Rights. The fact
remains that the Free State regime failed and continues to fail the
Craigavon 2 and Tony Taylor which is why no Latin American government
should trust the word of those calling themselves the Irish
government. This regime like Vichy will say or do anything not ot be
challenged or embarrassed into admitting the truth that I have just
spelled out for you all here today.

Another important issue to bring to your attention is that this regime
even goes so far as to cover up the Irish Holocaust of 1845-1851 when
with a population of around 12 million people Ireland who was then
under the Brit crown more openly lost 6.2 million of her people dead
who were infact murdered and starved to death by the British imperial
state or empire. Even American academia along with Irish and English
academia are in on the crime of Holocaust denial. The truth of the
Irish Holocaust is that there was enough food being produced in
Ireland in the period to feed over three times Ireland’s population
which adds up to 36 million people but the Brit imperial army and
navy shipped the food out of the country by armed guard and force and
killed all those who resisted and stood in their way. Another crime in
this Holocaust cover up is the way the 3 governments go to such
extreme lengths to deny and cover up one of the greatest genocides
ever to fall upon our people. i would highly recommend and advise all
here to look up http://www.irishholocaust.org or type Ireland’s Mass Graves
into any search engine and it’ll come up. Chris Fogarty and his wife
Mary O’ Sullivan have done wonders exposing this genocide or the Irish
Holocaust and they used the Brit national archives to do it.

The last point I would like to make is the sad and disappointing lack
of interest among the national media of all here today in what is
actually going on in one of the richest puppet states in the world. I
mean the Irish Free State and the occupied 6 counties. Human rights
abuses have multiplied in the 6 Counties a 100 fold and the Free State
is on the brink of a very violent revolution because of the extermely
high level of evictions and the vulture funds that the Free State
regime has just invited into the country and allowed them to buy up
whatever they wanted and continue to want. The Canadian firm IRES is
now the largest landlord in the Free State. But getting back to the
total lack of interest and coverage of what is going on by alternative
media especially Al Jazeera but more so RT or Russia Today and even
Press TV who used to cover alot of what was going on over here.

Efforts to contact RT in particular have resulted in activists only
saying the name Ireland and they have got the run around which is
truly heart breaking when we see all the good work that they have done
and continue to do to many places and locations around the world
except of course Ireland. And the truth is that there is so much to
report and cover in this country at the minute. A top and well
respected Irish journalist just recently said “that the Irish do not
protest much, but when they do it’s always violent”. This a a good
statement and a good warning to any regime not to push it’s people too

So hopefully comrades you manage to do something to turn or help those
of us in Ireland who are only trying to change our beautiful
Motherland for the better.


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  1. Mary Price January 24, 2017 at 4:11 pm #

    This was fantastic. I am asking to use portions of this in a presentation I will be giving in Casper , wyoming as part of the Wyoming Anti-internment committee.

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