KW says no to Fascism

18 Feb

One of our banners from the action yesterday.

One of our banners from the action yesterday.

Yesterday the 32CSM International Department, the Kitchener Chapter of the Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front as well as local anti fa held a rally at Kitchener City Hall to say no to Nazis, Fascists and right wing gusanos who are destroying our community.
The last year has seen a growing tide of right wing violence both in the streets as well as in the political arena and typical to this type of action NAZI’s intimidated and attacked a local woman calling her anti semetic slurs as well sexual slurs. Yesterday was the just the start of resistance in Kitchener to this threat directed at our community.

Flyers were handed out and speeches were given as members of the community whom were passing by engaged, discussed and supported this action that people were taking against fascist scum. Kitchener City Hall is traditionally a place where NAZI’s congregate and sell there drugs which is one of the reasons why this space was chosen for this rally.

This action is the first of many that we will take to fight the growing right wing threat.


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