32CSM Msg read yesterday at presentation Irish and Filipino Resistance at University of Ottawa

28 Feb

myself reading 32CSM msg at University of Ottawa

myself reading 32CSM msg at University of Ottawa

Good Evening, Greetings from Ireland.
In addressing the Peace Process in Ireland, it is important to recognise that the talks that led to the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 were not unilaterally a peace process but rather a political process with a pre-determined outcome.
Peace was one part of it. The provisional movement agreed to end their armed struggle against the British occupation of Ireland.
Republicans and the Irish people are not against peace, what we did oppose was the political process based on the analysis of the British Government and accepted by the provisional movement that the violation of Irish National Sovereignty would continue and there would be no change to the status quo. The Westminster Parliament in London would be the mother parliament to Stormont – the devolved administration in the occupied area.
In other words a minority on the island of Ireland would determine whether or not the Irish people would exercise their sovereign rights.
Partition would remain and the citizens in the 6 Counties controlled by England and denied their rights as Irish citizens.
The 32 County Sovereignty Movement for our part challenged this analysis and placed that challenge at the United Nations. This is the only challenge to British Rule in Ireland in existence.
Its importance is twofold, firstly, it bases the republican struggle on inalienable national rights which cannot be subverted for political expedience and secondly, it is a legal challenge which can be adopted and supported without any political precondition. We view it as a contemporary hub around which a unified republican base can build a credible policy platform to advance our political objectives.
Currently the 32 CSM are working closely with other republican groups to put in place a political strategy with as broad a consensus as possible. There are many facets to this process and each needs to be worked on carefully and patiently. Steady progress is being made but given the nature of it and the balances required details will not be disclosed at this time but hopefully will be in the near future.
Today the decision in the UK to leave the European Union (Brrexit)once again brings our analysis to the top of the political agenda where the issue of Irish National Sovereignty is central to the final workings between Ireland and the UK and between the EU and the island of Ireland.
The border will be made manifest once again which will strip away the so called ‘All Ireland Architecture’ of the Good Friday Agreement. Stormont will once again be seen as nothing more than a British regional administration in a part of the United Kingdom. This is what prompted Sinn Fein to collapse the institutions and not some heating scheme scandal. With Good Friday dead the Sinn Fein strategy will be exposed as impotent on Irish unity.
Ireland will have two imperial borders, one British and one European. This will be detrimental to the social and economic life on the island.
Brexit will also have a huge bearing on the issue of Scottish Independence and the break up of the United Kingdom. If Scotland does vote to leave the UK the position of the Six Counties within the UK will have no value for Westminster and may initiate a long term process of disengagement. But we can never take British actions for granted. They are masters at controlling issues like this and this is why a credible republican base and strategy are in place to address these potentially massive constitutional changes.
Today more than ever we are asking the international community and anti-imperialist groups to open this discussion in as wide a field as possible to bring the violation of Irish sovereignty to the top of political discussion so we can bring the necessary pressure to bear on those denying the Irish people their sovereign rights and to bring the necessary pressure on our politicians at home to stop being willing partners in the denial of our sovereign rights.
We would also like to inform you gathered this evening about the plight of political prisoners as part of the British occupation in our country.
Political POW’s incarcerated in Maghaberry Gaol are facing daily, the most harsh regime with attacks on individual prisoners resulting in severe beatings, strip searching, forced controlled movement and for some isolation.
Whilst these are symptoms of the wider political situation in Ireland they must be opposed and at every opportunity we all have a duty to highlight and expose the denial of these prisoner’s rights as well as exposing the torture they are forced to endure.
Some of these prisoners are in gaol as a result of unsafe sentencing and prominent lawyers have in dealing with such cases as the Craigavon Two highlighted the flaws in the evidence against John Paul Wooton and Brendan Mc Conville.
Equally the case of Tony Taylor from Derry who is incarcerated on the word of the British secretary of state for no reason has his licence revoked. He has no access to a trial, there is no evidence or reason to say why he has been put in gaol and he has no redress. His human rights are totally violated.
We in the 32 CSM ask you in your deliberations on the political situation in Ireland to include the plight of republican POW’s and call for their immediate release.
Thank you for allowing this address this evening and solidarity to you and the good work you are doing.
Go raibh maith agat

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