Over 10 citys in canada participate in international day of action for Irish POWS

28 Feb

banner drop in GRT station

banner drop in GRT station

occupation of military base in Cambridge

occupation of military base in Cambridge

Toronto Consulate

Toronto Consulate

On Feb 27th actions were held in Kitchener, Waterloo , Cambridge, Guelph Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton and Milton with actions being held the next day in Ottawa and actions in Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax and Quebec City to be held over the week.
Major routes of transportation such as the GRT bus station which coordinates between Kitchener, Waterloo Cambridge and other small towns in the region and the Toronto Bus Terminal saw banner drops, The Cambridge Armory was also picketed and occupied by comrades and the Farmers market in Kitchener as well as Victoria Park and the various festivals were also leafleted as was the british consulate in Toronto and the Embassy in Ottawa. . In Cambridge we got our best response with almost everyone except two people being very supportive and making comments like fucken british bastards and victory to the IRA. The level of support in Cambridge really took me by surprise and I feel that more work must be done in that city.

Through out this action one issue that we faced is the fear that people have of being photographed supporting such actions this must be dealt with through political work. One idea is to start a door to door campaign asking people to donate a dollar each to take out a newspaper ad that has there name and says we support freedom for the POWS and the more people see other people not afraid to stand up the more they are likely to join and participate.

More events will happened in this week in other citys including talks and discussions. All in all the event was successful and we look forward to intensifying the struggle for the POWS..


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