32CSM speech read in Montreal at meeting on Filipino, Irish and Palestinian POWS and the occupation of those lands.

5 Mar

comrades and friends on behalf of the 32CSM I send revolutionary greeting to the Filipino and Palestinian comrades presenting here today as well as all in attendance whom have come to hear the truth about the political situation in Ireland. The 32CSM was founded for one reason and that reason is to stand up and defend Irish Sovereignty at a moment in time when the British and their collaborators started a political process to entrench the political and economic occupation of the Six Counties by the British, as well as normalize the repression of all those who choose to speak out in defense of sovereignty.

The 32CSM was founded on the republican principles that the solution to the conflict in Ireland can only be achieved by a total and complete withdrawal of the British allowing the diverse peoples who are part of the Irish Nation to determine their own destiny free from British interference which includes the threat of military intervention which the British used to impose both partition and the GFA which entrenches this partition.
The 32CSM believes that the cause of the conflict is the british occupation, an act of violence in and of itself and therefor the solution to the conflict is the end of the occupation since only by dealing with the root cause can we move forward.
The issue of the POWS can only be discussed in the context of what the Irish POWS are struggling for which is an end to the occupation and the creation of a 32 County Irish Republic.
and only by understanding what the occupation is about can we understand what the prisoners are fighting for.
The creation of Irish political prisoners is a very important part of the occupation since the most important goal of the british is to criminalize the very existence of Ireland as a nation.
and to achieve this objective the British use special military courts, secret evidence, lying witnesses and internment to crush not just the armed resistance against the British presence but also to make it a crime simply to speak about being free.
I bring up the case of Tony Taylor as an example. Tony Taylor was walking with his family over 300 days ago when crown forces kidnapped him and have held him in prison for over 300 days. Tony has not had a trial, nor were charges laid, nor was their any process. He is in jail like many before him simply for being known as an Irish Republican. His crime is not a crime that one commits but rather a thought crime, to think that Ireland should be free.
The case of The Craigavon 2 demonstrates that being in court does not mean that you will get justice. Despite the fact that during their trial and appeal no credible evidence emerged linking them to what crime they are accused of and so much evidence has emerged that they were framed
they were still convicted demonstrates the lack of justice that an Irish Republican will receive in a British court
These two cases are not coincidences but rather the norm at this time there are over 200 Irish Political prisoners in the north and the south being treated like criminals and denied political status which Bobby Sands died for. I will end my presentation by reading the experience of Conal Corbett a 18 year old youth who languished in a british jail simply for being a republican and end my talk by saying that we must not just fight for the prisoners but fight for ending the root cause of their imprisonment which is the illegal british occupation

myself reading 32CSM statement at meeting.

myse4lf reading 32CSM statement at meeting.


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