Statement of Ex POW Conal Corbett on his first strip search with statement from witness read at meeting in Montreal

5 Mar

Statement of witness on the forced strip search of Conal Corbett

Out for another wee spell, when I was on the way out an 18 year old Republican was coming back from court; a full riot team was waiting for him and he was directed straight into a holding cell to be sexually assaulted.

The cell they use for this torture is blocked up but I could see out of the one I was in. For the entire period that the riot team was at him, their ‘team leader’- a notorious bigot named in many previous IRPWA statements -was standing outside laughing with a Governor.

Two grown men laughing and sniggering at what they were doing to a teenager in the room opposite. Then a medic, a nurse who is supposed to be impartial joined in the laughter! After the deed was done; she went in to check if he had been harmed, how could he tell her if he was? She is one of them!

I never seen it from the other side of the door, but its even more disgusting watching them do it to someone else than having it done to yourself.

Up until Christmas 2014 they demanded to search people leaving the Gaol on paroles, then they abolished that proving its disproportionate and unnecessary use. Why would they have to put someone through it coming back from court when they have been in handcuffs and under guard all day?

Sick fucking dirty bastards, the whole lot of them – EVIL

The 18 year old is Conal Corbett

My First Forced Strip Search- Conal Corbett
It was a Saturday afternoon at around 1 pm; I had just arrived at Hydebank gaol after two sleepless nights at
Antrim interrogation centre. I entered the Reception area of Hydebank with my hands cuffed, ‘escorted’ by two
screws. Following the first part of the ‘processing’ procedure, that is — the taking of my details, I was placed in
a small holding cell. After a few minutes a screw came in and barked: “are you going to comply with a full
body search” (A full body search is a jail euphemism used for a forced strip search). I immediately refused,
stating that I was a Republican Political Prisoner. He responded that he would give me twenty minutes
“reflection time”. These twenty minutes to ‘reflect’, I have come to learn, has no purpose other than to cause
maximum discomfort and anxiousness, waiting on the inevitable. It worked.
After the twenty minutes, which seemed to drag, a gaol governor arrived and asked me “Are you going to
comply with the full body search?” I replied to him, in as brave a voice as I could muster: “I am a Republican
prisoner and I will neither comply nor resist”. He then gave me what he called a ‘direct order’ to comply with a
‘full body search’. I told him that my answer remained the same. Before leaving the room, and while sniggering,
he asked, “Do you think you are some sort of hero?” “Fuck you”, I thought, but said nothing.
Therefore, six riot squad screws entered, wearing black boiler suits and military-style boots. Two of them
immediately grabbed hold of each of my wrists, putting me in arm-locks and forcing me to my knees, and then
onto my chest. At this stage they changed the arm-locks to further restrict any possibility for movement. They
twisted until my wrists felt as though they were burning and would bend no further.
Another Riot Squad screw took hold of my two legs and pulled them out straight so that I was lying flat on my
front. He then removed my shoes and searched them, then the same with my socks, followed by my trousers
which were dragged off me. My boxers were then ripped from me and searched, with my lower half completely
exposed to the riot squad. As two of them each took hold of one of my legs, spreading them apart, the
inspecting of my genitals began for what was probably seconds, but felt like an uncomfortably long time.
Finally my shirt was removed, searched, and then thrown down on top of my back. One riot squad screw took
hold of my two arms as he ordered the other five to leave the room before following them out. I remained in the
search room and dressed myself, glad that the indignity had finally ended, for the time being at least.
This was an inhuman act of physical abuse and psychological violence, ordered and carried out to humiliate and
degrade me as a Republican Political Prisoner. This was a technique used by the jail in an attempt to break me;
something they did not and never will succeed in doing. “Fuck you”, I said out loud.
Conal Corbett (aged 18)
Ex Republican Political Prisoner.

myself reading 32CSM statement at meeting, as well as statement from ex POW Conal Corbett

myself reading 32CSM statement at meeting, as well as statement from ex POW Conal Corbett


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