32CSM statement IWD Montreal

26 Mar

32CSM marching under the Trans Flag IWD Montreal

The 32CSM sends revolutionary greetings to the people gathered here to commemorate international woman’s day. We of the 32CSM firmly believe that the liberation of woman in Ireland can only be achieved by total liberation from the occupation, the political and economic exploitation of woman by colonialist patriarchy and the liberation of woman from oppression in the household.
Partition has created a situation where in the north woman face daily harassment from the PSNI and the state, while in the south were forced to live under a patriarchal theocracy. The most recent mass graves found at Tuam clearly demonstrate the crimes of the freestate against woman and there body’s
for us our struggle for liberation of woman does not start and stop on this day but rather is something that must be continuous and must include woman of all strata s and ethnicity s
this can only be achieved by driving out the brits and creating the space where the woman of the Irish nation can then create a society where all are free
long live International Woman’s Day
A woman’s place is in the struggle


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