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What Freddy would have said in court had he not been told that he cant address the court

27 Apr

Freddy demanding justice in front of court house

You honour
this is clearly an abuse of procedure and Further more a collateral
attack. They are abusing the process and not going through the proper
channels which is clearly a collateral attack. This matter should not
be in front of you because this matter is not a civil case
this matter needs to be dealt with in proper forum which is to go
through the consent and capacity board.
Usually when there is an issue with ones POA (Power of Attorney) the people whom are contacted are the consent and
capacity board and they are the ones who have the power to grant and
revoke the POA, instead of following this process my mother was stolen
at gun point by the CCAC, the POLICE and my brother Reggie and knowing
that Judy Fibbs whom granted me my POA, and to this day with the
consent and capacity board upholds my POA, they have chosen to engage
in these civil proceedings using them to cover up the fact that
removing my mother from her house against her will and my will as POA
is totally unlawful and unjust. Judy Fibbs granted me the POA through the
consent and capacity board and only the consent and capacity board
can take it away. This abuse of process has also been used to take out
two major sums of money from my mothers account which is a joint
account, that has my name on they do not have anything from the
consent and capacity board yet they are acting like they do first
breaking the law then using civil proceedings to justify this,

The Court decision they use which was the hearing on the 28th was a
hearing that i was not told about, nor was i present and the court
date prior to this the judge made it quite clear that the hearing was
on the 30th not the 28th. Decisions were made without me even being
informed of a court date which i was not present at nor even known was
taking place. This is not only irregular but unlawful.The fact that
this decision gave the opposing council the idea that they could write
a letter, not present a court document but write a letter and use it
to take money out of a joint account with my name on it clearly shows
that the rule of law ,means little to the opposing council.

Furthermore the fact that my previous council now works for an
opposing is clearly a conflict of interest and on that grounds alone
these proceedings should be thrown out as this is a conflict of
interest and furthermore proves what i was saying that they did not
act in my interests. This council who now works for the opposing party
(Mark Famy etc) did not follow my instructions, and in fact acted
against my instructions and interests. The timeline in place for the
return of my mother was scrapped, my right to challenge my accusers
through cross examination of all whom have written affidavits has been
thrown away (and i do call on my right to cross examine everyone whom
has written affidavits against me) and they chose to put me under
cross examination, which i have no problem doing as i have nothing to
hide, as long as i have the right to cross examine every one of my
accusers.. furthermore this council did not inform me of any court
dates and made decisions without me to the point where they tried to
trick me to come to Mississauga to sign over my POA to Reggie. Does
this sound like the actions of a lawyer working in my interests I
think not. The fact that they now sit with opposing council clearly
shows there intent.

Your honor this case is not about me or my personality this case is
about an 85 year old woman who wants to go yet is not allowed to
because her son wants her money and is willing to do whatever it takes
to put her against her will in a protestant nursing home where she
will not be able to practice her religious convictions as a Coptic
orthodox person and will be denied the holy sacraments that the
protestant faith does not hold up.

I started by stating that this is an abuse of procedure and a collateral attack
i would like
to draw your attention to this email that Reggie sent to a priest whom
came to give Mary spiritual comfort, note the threatening tone on the
second page, i would like to draw your attention to slanders just as
the fact that Reggie states that i am diagnosed mentally ill and am
violent where is this diagnosis unless Reggie became a psychiatrist
while i was sleeping he cant diagnose me and this is clear slander,
also note the threatening tone towards the priest using words like
deceiver etc,, but what is really important about this email is two
things 1. the fact that Reggie acknowledges in the email that he has
hid my mother from me and two he says the reason for that is that he
is afraid of her being removed LEGALLY, in other words she was hidden
for fear of rule of law being implemented and has hid her to avoid
legal consequences, your honor please let justice be granted and if not at least allow me to subpoena those whom have
written affidavits and allow me to have a far hearing no more back room
decisions without my presence, no more shady deals. Finally I would
like to point out that I was told no more delays and two weeks ago i was
ready to proceed, yet a delay happened for the other council is
justice not suppose to be blind. I am defending myself on this
matter, my affidavits were not accepted and it seems that no matter
what my rights and the rights of my mother are violated.

Furthermore i would like to state for the record that i have been on
hunger strike for twenty day, also known as fasting
I am using this as a tool to seek justice and also get closer to my
God through prayer and self reflection, what is happening is wrong and
I ask you in front of the court and in front of God to give me justice

Today’s court for Freddy the circus continues

27 Apr

Freddy Barsoum Hungering for justice

Today in court Freddy was called quite early though his name was close to the bottom of the list and usually those whom are self represented go last, this tactic of putting Freddy on first was used to confuse people including the media to know when to attend and when not to attend, i myself was going to go out for a smoke when his name was called.

Crawford the lawyer that is opposing Freddy seems to be a fan of my blog as he mentioned that Freddy had papers that he has tried to file and Freddy gave the papers to the Judge who clearly just glanced at them and did not read them. When Freddy asked if he could address the court he was told no. The judge then commented on fines that were to be imposed. Freddy then mentioned that he was on hunger strike and the judge said the matter was closed and that security would be called at which point Freddy got up and left. Many of the court workers and such noticed his weight loss and one police officer brought Freddy food while Freddy was outside, he refused it and i misinterpreted this as an insult to Freddy, which made me upset. The police officer stated she did not know Freddy was on hungerstrike and just saw how he looked and thought he needed a meal. I pointed out that there was a comrade next to us with no food and she gave the food to him . I feel that this was actually genuine and not done out of malice so I apologized for my assumption as our issue is not with police officers as individuals but rather at the fact that they are crown forces and as an institution serve the rich.

Freddy then spent most of the day outside the courthouse with a sign stating he was on hungerstrike and wanted to have his mom returned to him. We spoke to many court workers whom were very supportive as well as passersby lawyers and the like.
I feel that for the witnesses the whole court proceedings were quite hard to watch as it clearly showed that the state will carry on and do what they want no matter what. This scares me and hits close to home as the more i deal with this case the more i think of the loss of my mom due to the state and I feel his pain losing your mother is one of the worst things one can ever experience. To have this done at the hands of the state that is suppose to guarantee our rights is like pouring salt on a wound. As things stand the hungerstrike will continue.

Freddy Barsoum trys to file court papers police respond by kicking him out of court

26 Apr

Today myself Freddy and another comrade went to the court to file papers responding to the illegal removal of his mother from her house. We were allowed into the court and the police officer who was searching us was joking with me about the visible pain I was in and telling me I should start smoking weed. The atmosphere was friendly and we were joking around.

When we went to the second floor to file our paper paper work a police officer approached. We us and told us the court was closed and we had to leave despite the fact that Freddys number was up, two people were being served and two other people were waiting and not being removed. I took out my phone to record what was happening and I swear the cop was running away from the phone like a vampire from a crucifix. She said that she did not want to be taped I stated that since we were not in a courtroom proper we had the right to do this. Then several more officers came from nowhere to physically remove us. We left willingly and on my way out I saw a paralegal I know well as well as a lawyer I chatted with the paralegal and the lawyer after said that they had no right to remove us since we got there and our number was up.

This is not the first time Freddy was physically barred from filling paperwork for his defense. The issues in his case such as his former lawyers later working for his brother which is a complete conflict of interest as well as everything else that has been going on belongs in a Kafka novel not the Judiciary system. Tomorrow Freddy will go to court and the circus will continue while his mom languishes against her will in a nursing home. The legal POA that Freddy has seems to have no more power then the legal treaties that the Brits signed with the peoples of this land, and as the justice wheels turn Mary is getting sicker being given meds that she is allergic to and has been rushed at least once to the emergency due to the negligence of the nursing home willing accomplices to this kidnapping.

32CSM speech in Montreal

22 Apr

Myself reading 32CSM speech

Comrades and friends on behalf of the 32CSM its members and leadership I thank you for coming out today to find out the harsh truth of what the actual situation is in Occupied Ireland in terms of repression and resistance.
The media and other lackeys of the occupational forces would have you believe that the situation in Ireland is under control, that the conflict is over and that every one is now living in peace and everything is great and good.
Those who have refused to accept the terms put forward by the British in the Good Friday agreement are painted as war mongers, violent blood thirsty psychopaths and enemies of peace
and we are told that if only these relics from the past would give up their hatred move forward everything would be perfect.

This perspective pushed by the colonialists and their lackeys is taken by many on the left as gospel truth not because the people on the left are uneducated or ignorant but rather because their is a media blackout enforced by the powers that be. This media blackout is necessary so that their is no cognitive dissidence between the narrative being pushed forward by the colonizers and their lackeys and the reality of what is truly going on in Ireland.

For example if the GFA did solve the conflict why are there still armed groups resisting the occupation in Ireland, why are the prisons full of Irish Republicans many whom have been convicted in special courts, with no jury, based on secret evidence much of which is clearly fabricated.

If the conflict was solved by the GFA why are people interned without trial or charge.

From Marian Price, to Martin Corey to Tony Taylor , who has been in jail for 400 days without trial and is still in jail today one can see that the GFA has solved nothing because the root cause of the conflict has not been solved, which is the British occupation and the right of the Irish people to control their own destiny politically socially and economically
and until this key issue , the issue of sovereignty is addressed the conflict will continue.

Because the cause of the conflict is not the Republican movement, nor the IRA, but rather the British occupation which for the last 800 years has imposed a brutal and bloody occupation in Ireland and is continuing to do the same thing in the occupied north.

It was the British that introduced the gun into Irish politics 800 years ago and it is the continued British occupation of the North that the good friday agreement entrenches that is the cause of violence today because occupation by its very nature is violence and until the british withdraw from Ireland politically economically and militarily and allow the Irish people to organize themselves as a nation free from economic and military control the conflict will continue.

The 32CSM came into being at a key time in Irish history when once again the leadership of the Republican movement in the name of peace have reached reasonable accommodation with the British occupational forces and due to their petty bourgeois outlook have sold out the resistance for crumbs on the table and seats in a British controlled parliament.

At this time many import people in the Republican movement from the Price sisters to the family of hungerstriker Bobby Sands wanted to address the issue of political and economical sovereignty within Sinn Fein and formed a political committee called the 32 County Sovereignty Committee

The purpose of this committee was to address one issue and to push for this issue within the peace talks and that issue was the issue of Sovereignty. SF which at this point has degenerated to a narrow nationalist formation more interested in addressing the issues of big business then fighting for socialism and republicanism expelled this committee which became the 32 County Sovereignty Movement.

Within the Army a similar discussion was talking place and a portion of the Army which still upheld Republican and socialist principles broke with the Provisional IRA to form the Real IRA and to continue the political and armed struggle to free the Irish people from the Capitalist exploitation imposed by the British and those collaborators whom chose to sell out there principles and comrades for a seat at the masters table.

While the 32CSM was busy engaging in a project of rectification and analysis learning from the mistakes made during the period leading up to the GFA, SF was busy giving information to British Death Squads like the UVF about which Republicans would not accept a betrayal of Republican prisoners so they could be executed. This treason included assisting the UVF (a right wing british paramilitary force ) in identifying republican strongholds to bomb into submission, ironically this campaign was referred to as bombing for peace.

The Pro treaty forces did not stop their as they engaged in brutal assaults on those who refused to accept this treason as well as out and out murder in the case of Jo Jo O Connor.

Despite this the 32CSM has grown by building among the people and meeting the needs of the people. From the struggle against the drug problem, to the struggle for housing, unemployment evictions etc. the 32CSM has been in the forefront of the struggle creating a dual power scenario
and upholding the Sovereignty that was declared in 1916 through arms in what was known as the Easter uprising.

The proclamation, which is the key political program of Irish Republicanism , to the 32CSM is not just a peace of paper but rather a guide to action and to building the new society that we are struggling for. To us the proclamations statement of equality independence political civil and social rights for all, including the right of the Irish people as a whole to control the wealth and resources of the nation for the benefit of the nation as a whole, as opposed to the way things are now that the wealth of the Irish nation is in the hands of the British and those who uphold their rule.

The 32CSM is organized across the country and has mass support as can be seen in the recent city council elections in Derry and other places of members of 32CSM whom have won landslide victorys, as well as the support shown at funerals of our comrades and volunteers.
This is not to say that our political strategy is electoral we have learned where electoral politics take us and we refuse to participate in the sham elections imposed by the brits.
I hope that this presentation will shed some light on the current situation and hope to address issues of mass work in the question and answer period. Thank you for your time

Msg From Siobhan McConville, Wife of Brendan McConville Read in Montreal Yesterday

22 Apr

Myself reading msg from wife of Irish Republican Brendan McConville who is now in jail for being an Irish Republican #JFTC2

After years of letter writing, phone calls and visits Brendan and i married in the Centenary year 2016. … it was the best thing we’ve ever done. My Husband has served eight years after being wrongfully convicted and i am determined to clear his name. I live in England, work and manage to see Brendan every three weeks, my evenings and weekends are spent emailing and researching everyone and anyone i feel could help. People often say are you not tired Siobhán? Yes i am tired of a British court system that have failed my Husband a fair trial, His appeal was sabotaged. All the facts and information are available for people to read. Everyone should have certain rights and when those rights are denied it is down to us the public to unite and campaign for those people who’s voice is lost in a unfair and unjust court system.. My Husband is innocent. Help me bring home. #JFTC2

Easter Commemoration held in Kitchener Successful

21 Apr

To commemorate the Easter Uprising this year instead of speeches and such we had a discussion on how to smash colonialism and move forward the Republican struggle here.

We met with a Indigenous organization that runs the Sunday free food program in Toronto and does street patrols etc.

After explaining our history we learned about the Two Row Wampum as well as the Iroquois Confederacy as well as general discussion on the work both groups do and how we can support. We also heard about the Hunger Strike of Freddy Barsoum.

We agreed on three things we can do

1. In Kitchener we will start collecting food for the Sunday servings in Toronto

2. We will invite our comrades from Toronto to come out and see our community servings

3. We will support actions that promote Indigenous Sovereignty through action not just empty words.

We look forward to continuing to put these three points into action.

All Out in Defense of 32CSM International office

19 Apr

The 32CSM would like to state that we support the just struggle in defense of our International office. The 32CSM would like to remind all involved that we have a legally binding one year lease with the right to renew in one year. This lease is a legal and valid document that can not be ignored by developers and those that would seek to ignore the rule of law in there quest for profit.

Furthermore we stand with Freddy Barsoum, the owner of the property in the just struggle to get his mom back from Trinity care who is illegally holding her against her will and the will of her son Freddy Barsoum who has legal power of attorney over her, we find the dirty trick of illegally kidnapping an 85 year old woman refusing to comply with the will of her son Freddy who has the power of attorney over her to let her see her or even disclosing where she is, and now attempting to illegally liquidate all her assets, ignoring both the courts and any sort of common decency. We stand with Freddy on day five of his hunger strike for the return of his mother and to have rule of law followed.

This sort of reprehensible act in the name of gentrification and development is a blatant sign of everything wrong with gentrification in the city of Kitchener and we stand with those who oppose this attack on our office in defense of there community from the developers and gentrifiers. This office we have hosted international dignitaries from the different Bolivarian state as well as comrades from Palestine and we use this space to establish relationships with all engaged in struggle against the anglo imperialist alliance of of Britain canada the us australia and new zealand, and we will never shut our doors

Somethings are worth dying for thoughts on Freddy’s hungerstrike day 10

16 Apr

Today is Coptic Easter as well as day ten of Freddy Barsoums Hunger strike. I spoke to him this morning and despite his voice sounding a bit more raspy and exhausted he seems to be in good spirits for a 66 year old man who has been on hunger strike. We talked about the church service and the heavy police presence there as well as the fact that most Coptic churches did not celebrate midnight mass due to fascist threats on the lives of those attending. In the wake of the bombing in Egypt as well as the intensified fascist attacks Coptic orthodox people rightfully feel under attack.

Yet in this conversation his thoughts were not about him, his health or the safety of those at the church but rather about his mother whom was stolen from him at gun point and put into a Lutheran private nursing home where she would not be able to attend mass, nor celebrate the transubstantiation, when the wafer becomes Christ, nor have access to any of the other sacraments that an 85 year old woman of the Coptic faith should have the right to have. instead of breaking Easter eggs with her loved ones and singing about the resurrection of Christ as pure essence of God (since Coptics people are monophysitists) she is stuck in a bed isolated from not only her family but her whole religious community.

“How can the free-est country in the world take an 85 year old woman out of her home against her will, as well as my will, since I have the power of attorney, and put her in a private home refusing to tell anyone where she is?” Freddy asked me ” What sort of liberty is this when the courts who are suppose to uphold justice not only refuse to help me bring her home but are actively working to keep her against her will in a place where she does not want to be? Freddy continued. “This circus has to stop ” Freddy continued. Every day she is gone her health gets worst and those involved are treating her like she is an object and her only worth is the money in her bank account and the value of her house.” What society is this where their own laws mean nothing and they are willing to do whatever they have to to enrich themselves at this expense of this poor old woman.”

“All of this needs to stop now” Freddy continued, a neutral observer who went to see her told me that in the last week her health has seriously deteriorated and im not sure if i should tell this to Freddy, but apparently i don’t need to as Freddy continues to tell me the problems he has had trying to visit her and how he himself and others have seen the staff physically assault this poor woman who had terror in her eyes and whose last words to freddy were please take me home please take me home.

In Freddys eyes the court is a circus, the law was broken, a woman was stolen from her family and loved ones and all people care about is how much money people have in there pockets. Rule of law means nothing. This is wrong.

There are some things worth dying for and from my own experience i can tell you hungerstrikes are quite scary, knowing that you may day and every day brings you closer to victory or death is one of the most horrible things that someone can experience, yet what is worth is to be quiet in the face of injustice. This case is not about Freddy or me its about an 85 year old woman whose rights are being violated because she is no longer productive in the capitalist term of productivity and thus she is worth nothing Freddy is right this circus has got to stop and if this hunger strike and its outcome will be the only way to solve it so be it there are worst things then dieing such as living knowing that your silence allowed others to suffer and be oppressed.

Thoughts on todays court for freddy who has been on hungerstrike for a week and reflections from someone else who lost a mom on her birthday

13 Apr

To lose your mother is the worst thing that can happened to someone in my case spending most of my life in jail or on house arrest i got to spend alot of time wither her hearing storys of Romanians support for the Provo war, or my uncle in Libia and the support he gave or storys of when the us invaded cuba and they all went to the american consulate in Romania saying Cuba yes Yankees no and when they would say no that’s when the brick would get thrown. My mom at first tried to stop me from being political but when she saw that i would not change she did a one eighty and became totally supportive, she would come to the police station and stand up to the anti terror squad and be why are you not releasing my son is it because you are waiting for the bruises to me and would bail my friends out because despite her criticism of socialist Romanian she still believed in right and wrong and once on christmas eve when she bailed out my friend for panhandling she wrote an amazing poem on being in jail for christmas. When she died i found out so many poems about me and how worried she was about me cause she kn ew what politics are and the only end is victory or death or jail. Since my mom died various people in my life have acted in the role of my mom in terms of emotional support my support but telling me to fuck up when i go to far.

despite the time period that passed it still hurts she was not just a mom but a comrade friend someone I could talk to and cared about me.

Today Freddy has been on hungerstrike for a week and sometimes i just hate him but for the wrong reasons because so many aspects of this case remind me of what happened to me and i feel the scabs just opening up and all the vile just spewing out. His mother was kidnapped at gun point without a court order and instead of consulting the consent and capacity board have used underhand methods to steal her from him and put her in as proddy nursing home despite the fact that she wants to be home and it is her house, money was removed from a joint account between freddy and his mom wih=ithout a court order and its quite clear its part of fucking our case, taking the money so we cant afford legal costs now they are illegally trying to sell her house.

When my mom my family came together and were like whatever resources we have we will use despite the doctors brow beating us to pull the plug even though she was communicative through txting and made her feel guilty for trying to stay alive. Every day they pressured us to pull the plug and we refused because she was our mom and suicide is a unforgivable sin in the eyes of the church so we supported this.

In freddys case it seems the family is money hungry wants to seize her assets and put her somewhere like a disposable hero where she is lost and forgotten

I think of my mom and all we suffered to get through this but this case is like a bizzaro lande interpretation of my moms death. instead of following the will of the mother they are treating her like a commodity to be disposed of wbhatever way possible. she is not a commodity but a hundred and we will fight for her return home because that is what she deserves.

Freddy Barsoum Begins Hungerstrike till death For The Return of his Mother

7 Apr

On April 7th Freddy Barsoum started a hungerstrike to have his mother returned to him. Freddy, who has power of attorney over his mother has had his mother stolen from him by force by the police, the CCAC and his other brother despite the fact that Freddy has power of Attorney and his mother has repeatedly stated she wants to live at her house with Freddy. Since this happened in the summer Freddy has not been told where she has been held and only recently found out that she is being held against her will at Trinity Village. The case has been full of corruption from the beginning, including having court dates without informing Freddy of them, Freddys previous lawyers now work for the brother which is a complete conflict of interest and its quite clear that the law means nothing to them.

The reason for this attack on an 85 year old woman and her son is because they want to sell her house to develop it into condo’s and start the gentrification in the mooregate paulander area, which is currently full of immigrants.

Freddy has chosen to go on hungerstrike because there is no alternative every day his mother is getting worse and worse as she is being neglected, and it is quite clear that justice is not going to be served unless serious sacrifices are made. This mockery of the judiciary has to stop. The next court date for Freddy is the 13th and we ask people to come and support.